What to Expect Now That the Mayan Calendar has Ended

Mayan CalendarAccording to Carl Johan Calleman, the Mayan Calendar ended last Thursday. Others think it will end on December 21, 2012. No matter what the point of view about the last day of the calendar, most spiritual teachers believe that the thirteen days from October 28 through November 11 mark a time of transition. I agree.

This period is being celebrated by Mayan elders as they perform a ceremonial pilgrimage across the United States with the Thirteen Crystal Skulls. These ceremonies, which were kept secret by the Mayans for years, are now being made public. The elders realize the prophecies told them to tell the world, especially the North American continent. Now is the time.

Along with these ceremonies, the Mayans have planned a a worldwide telecast from the Chichen Itza Temple complex in Mexico on December 21, 2012. The next fourteen months may be momentous for humanity.

Spiritual teachers are telling us to:

“Brace for the changes.”

“Remain alert.”

“Go within.”

“The time is at hand.”

I’m hearing the same message from so many different sources that I’ve started to wonder who is copying whom. Or maybe, just maybe, this time of oneness has so much intensity that each writer, each teacher, and each channel is receiving the same message.

Personally, I’m both energized and fatigued. Each report of financial challenge, protest tension, and technological advance creates excitement for the future and an almost overwhelming sense of awe.

Those who believe November 11 (11-11-11) is a special day forecast an increased ability to experience psychic gifts and see into “supernatural dimensions.”

What is the peaceful response in this time of uncertainty?

Don Alejandro, Mayan messenger to the world, has this to say regarding the changes forecast by his culture’s calendar.

“Let the morning come.

Let the dawn come.

Don’t be afraid.

Take this message and spread it to the world.”

From my perspective, his is a timely message for all of humanity, no matter when the Mayan Calendar ends.

As always, the peaceful response is to embrace the moment, walk away from fear, and walk into love.

This is good advice, especially in light of my next article when I will write about reports that push the limits of my understanding. I hope you’ll help me by providing your insight.

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