Truth or Fiction

I’ve delayed writing this article for more than two months. The reason is that the topic is almost too outrageous for me to consider. It reminds me of a movie with an unbelievable plotline that, about halfway through, introduces a second plotline, even more unbelievable than the first.

However, I keep seeing the stories. I’ve seen them in so many places from so many different sources that I’m compelled to write about them in an effort to understand them. I ask you to follow along and provide your insights below.

The original plotline goes something like this. There is a “New World Order,” linked to the Bush regime, that wants to control the world. They orchestrated the events on 9/11 to start a major war that would usher in the end of the world. This plotline says they intended to reduce the world population from seven billion to less than two billion by using the military/industrial complex.They haven’t yet been successful in their efforts so they are using new methods including trying to instigate an Armageddon scenario in the Middle East.

This New World Order has established underground bunkers and an elaborate tunnel system through the United States and in selected places around the world. Their intent is to live in these tunnels during the time the world is experiencing its population reduction.

There are other subplots within this main plotline. Since this complex is dependent upon oil, the New World Order must control the supply and distribution of it. Other subplots include corporations, the Uniform Commercial Code, the illuminati, and the Federal Reserve. The United States dollar, British pound and the Euro must remain the dominant currencies for this plotline to succeed. The United States, Great Britain, and certain European allies within the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) are the dominant countries.

I don’t know if any or all of this is true but that’s the plotline.

New World Order and DisclosureThe second plotline, which I’ve heard for more than two months, is that there is an organized resistance against the New World Order. This resistance is made up of most of the world’s nations not listed above (at last count, the number was 88) plus certain factions within the United States military and CIA. The extraterrestrials are on the side of the resistance.

The goal of the resistance is to “disclose” the truth of the New World Order. This includes implementing a new worldwide currency, based on the gold dinar. It includes revealing what is really going on with the extraterrestrials and their UFO fleet. It includes ending the New World Order through a combination of otherworldly might and financial pressure.

Those in the resistance say NATO’s involvement in Libya was a last-ditch effort to prevent this from happening. They wanted to gain control of Gadhafi’s two hundred billion in assets, including more than one hundred sixty billion in gold. The New World Order killed Gadhafi. They did not get the gold.

There’s one more thing.

The resistance has already won.

They have destroyed many of the underground bunkers. They have arrested many of the key players and are negotiating with them regarding their role in future events. They have provided banks with the software needed for the new currency.

There are just a few minor details to iron out before the disclosure is complete.

Some spiritual teachers are claiming this is all part of the prophesied shift that coincides with the end of the Mayan Calendar.

Like I said, all of this seems outrageous to me.  I don’t know if any or all of it is true.

I look around me and I see that it is possible, so I have to wonder…

What do you know about these stories? Are they accurate? Do you have information that will help me figure out what’s going on with these stores? If so, I’d love for you to leave your comments below.

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