A Subtle Shift

A recent prophecy discussed on this site was the idea that 11/11/11 was a special day. Some thought it would be a day of momentous events. They speculated about significant spiritual happenings that would break through and appear in the physical domain. They even thought that ETs might reveal themselves.

While this might have happened in a few isolated locations, the worldwide Disclosure did not take place. Therefore, people were disappointed.

Prophecies associated with a specific day are always a disappointment. We are looking for something to take place outside of ourselves. We take a Hollywood approach to the day. We anticipate a sudden rush of adrenaline-filled adventure where we fit years of experience into a 108-minute adventure

Even though life moves quicker than ever before, it doesn’t yet move at that speed.

Change happens one minute at a time. This sometimes feels slow and tedious. It requires careful observation, constant awareness, and conscious action.

There’s another thing. Life takes place on the inside.

Those who understand this were not disappointed with their experiences on 11/11/11.

Energies shifted on 11/11/11. This shift was subtle to those who were paying attention. It was nonexistent to those who weren’t.

Therefore, those who weren’t paying attention think it didn’t happen.

I assure you it did.

I felt something on 11/11/11. It was more than indigestion or gas or anything physical. It was a deep spiritual movement. I don’t know if the date on the calendar had anything to do with it or not. However, I felt it.

There was a new sensation of love. I was more intense. It went beyond words.

Some hoped it would hit the masses in an obvious way. It didn’t. It was subtle. Like I said, I felt it.

Bright ColorsOn the morning of 11/11/11, I suddenly started dreaming in vivid color, a new experience for me. I began to experience physical sensations, including pinpricks, sounds from an other-than-physical sources, and unexplained flashes of light – all were new experiences.

I scheduled a meditative massage for the afternoon. The vivid colors, pinpricks, sounds, and flashes of light continued during that massage.

They haven’t stopped.

Since that day, all I want to do is sleep. I wonder if my body is adjusting to a new energy.

Other people are reporting similar experiences since 11/11/11: visions of vibrant color, intense feelings of love, music without a physical source, flashes of light, and a need to sleep. Some describe it as a rewiring of DNA.

The shift I feel allows me to be content in the moment, with no sense of urgency about how much I get done or anything else for that matter. It’s more peaceful. (And I’ve noticed that my productivity is greater without the stress of the urgency.)

Of course, this doesn’t mean nothing happened in the physical dimension.

We have seen changes since the first of November. Several of them related to specific forecasted events. I’ll write about those next.