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Living Within The Gift

A new financial system is coming our way.

It must.

The current system is broken beyond repair. There are many reasons it is broken. I have written about those in previous articles on this site so this isn’t about that.

It is about what you and I can do to contribute to the new financial system.

It may surprise you to learn that single individuals can contribute to it. After all, I’ve been writing for months about how the current financial system is controlled by The Fed, The Rothschild Family, The Big Banks, The Illuminati, The Masons, and who knows who else.

You and I are just single individuals. How can we influence these super-large organizations that have been entrenched for hundreds, if not thousands, of years?

To answer that question, I defer to Margaret Mead, who said, “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.”

In this case, I believe the change won’t come from those in charge. Therefore, it must come from us. One by one, we must change the way we look at life and realize that a new financial system will not help us if we don’t change our financial paradigm.

The new paradigm can no longer be about how much we take. It must be about how much we give.

We must learn to live within the gift.

I tip my hat to Charles Eisenstein and Paulo Coelho for helping me understand this.

I’ll use the next few articles to explain this concept and to define how I’m going to use this in my businesses.

As I have said many times on this website, I write so I can become clear on a new idea. I believe we teach what we need to learn. Therefore, I have not yet mastered this concept. My writing is designed to help me grasp what I intuitively know is the direction for our new financial system, whether we trade with Federal Reserve Notes, gold, or chickens.

In addition, I don’t know how long it will take those in power to admit their system no longer works. However, when they do recognize it, there will be change. I believe the change will be closely aligned to the idea of living within the gift.

This concept first requires each person to recognize his or her gift to the world.

Here is what I know about gifts:

  • Each person has many gifts.
  • Gifts benefit other people when given
  • We would give our gifts even if we didn’t get paid for them.
  • Gifts come from inspiration. This literally means they are from God’s Spirit.
  • We deserve to get paid for giving them.
  • No amount of payment is sufficient for the gift.

As an example, Eisenstein asks, “What is a fair rate to pay Michelangelo for painting the Sistine Chapel? How much should someone pay Mozart for composing his Requiem?”

Any amount isn’t enough.

The Gift of InspirationEach person’s gift of inspiration from writing to auto repair to tax preparation to house cleaning to cooking is the same.

What are your gifts?

Don’t hold back. You know you have them.

Once you identify your gifts, the next step is to look down deep and determine the worth of them?

Is any amount of payment enough to compensate you for your divine inspiration?

Do you see what I mean?

No amount of payment is sufficient.

If we buy… er… accept the information in this article, then how can we go about using it in our day to day lives, especially when we need to pay the bills?

I’ll explore that question in tomorrow’s article.

Keeping Our Dream Home

A little over eight years ago, we moved into our 4500 square foot dream house. We had built it right behind our double-wide mobile home on property we purchased in 1988. I had spent most of my lifetime inMortgage a trailer house of some type so it took some adjusting on my part to get used to it.

It also took some adjusting to get used to paying for it.

In an effort to create those resources, we became involved in two aggressive businesses. They produced lots of money but not much profit. They both failed and we took the equity out of the new house several times while establishing two new businesses that were profitable.

The final time we removed equity was at the height of the market. We ended up with an 8% loan.

When the mortgage crisis hit, we jumped on the opportunity to get a modification and, in the summer of 2009, we received one with a fixed rate of 5.75%. This was a government sponsored modification. During this process, the appraisal determined the loan was almost 200% of the new market value of the house.

I didn’t think we could get an additional modification so I didn’t consider another one until I received a call from an attorney’s office last August offering to help us get a modification. I told them I didn’t think we could get a second one. The caller told me we could if it had been a year since the last one.

I work as an accountant. Therefore, I understood the modification process. I have been through one for myself and helped several clients with their paperwork. So, last September, I decided to pursue a second modification with our mortgage servicing company.

When I called to ask them about it, they said we couldn’t get a second one as long as our first one was in good standing. I asked them how many payments we would have to miss to put it in “bad standing.”

They wouldn’t tell me so we decided to experiment.

We quit making payments, and agreed that, since our house was upside down, we would risk foreclosure. We understood the MSC would have difficulty selling this house. We were determined to reduce our cost of living, even if that meant moving to another house.

I communicated this to the MSC. We requested an interest rate of 2%, explained we would not make another payment until we received this, and reminded the MSC of the loan to value ratio.

We concluded that, if we could cut our payment in half, we would be willing to accept the loan to value ratio. The 2% interest rate would cut our payment by 47%.

Every time we received a collection call from the MSC, I repeated our stance.

Upon their request, we completed the modification paperwork twice: once in September and once in December. I included fully documented financial information to support the modification request and wrote an additional letter reminding them of the situation with the loan to value ratio. We had two long phone calls to discuss the modification. During each call, we were told we did not qualify for a modification. I always asked why and they never gave me a straight answer.

We received the 2% modification proposal about ten days after the second call.

There are several lessons here.

  1. Recognize your Desire and do everything within your power to fulfill it, even when everyone says it can’t be done. (Our Desire was to reduce our cost of living.)
  2. Do not become attached to how a specific Desire will be fulfilled. (We were willing to give up our dream house to fulfill our Desire.)
  3. Become informed about your situation and do everything you can to fulfill your Desire while understanding The Universe will move heaven and earth to make it happen. This includes learning what is in the best interest of all parties and finding a solution that works for everyone. (I continually explained to the MSC how our deal was the best deal they were going to get for this property.)

Feel free to contact me if you wish to know more about situation or would like to chat with me about how our team could help you with your situation.

If you think the cost for our service will be an issue, I suggest you read my next article when I start a series that I believe has the potential to usher in our new economic system.

Updates on Previous Articles

Here are updates on topics we have written about previously on Peace of Mind News.

Mortgage Modification

Peace of Mind News UpdateAfter not making payments for several months, we received a Proposed Modification Agreement from our mortgage servicing company (MSC) on January 23, 2012. This reduced our monthly payment by 47%.

It was exactly what we asked for and exactly what was offered to us in October.

Of course, if you have been following this story, you know that we were told the October offer was a mistake, we were threatened with foreclosure, and we experienced numerous collection calls.

The last time I wrote about this, we had received a request to complete modification paperwork a second time.

Even though our numbers hadn’t changed much, we completed the paperwork and submitted a thirty-seven page fax to our MSC. They then scheduled an appointment on January 12 to discuss the paperwork.

While waiting for this appointment, I received several collection calls from our MSC. Each time, I asked them to confirm the January 12 appointment and told them we would not make any payments unless they gave us a modification.

During the January 12 appointment, the representative told me we didn’t qualify for the modification and asked me to submit paperwork showing we had the income to support the current monthly payment amount. I responded by saying, “That wouldn’t be a modification.”

I went on to explain I had provided honest information that indicated a modification was appropriate. I expected them to negotiate in good faith.

The representative then told me I hadn’t provided complete information.

I told him I had provided complete information and had confirmation of the thirty-seven page fax in front of me. If they were missing anything, they had lost it. I suggested I scan and email any missing documentation to him immediately and asked him what was missing.

He told me what he thought was missing while apologizing for not being able to access the complete file because of “computer problems.” I scanned and emailed the “missing information” to him and waited while the email went through.

Once he confirmed receipt of the email, he said the information would need to be verified and he scheduled a follow-up appointment on February 2. I was sure the MSC was playing games with me and I was willing to play as long as they wanted to play.

Much to my surprise, less than two weeks later, we received the modification proposal.

I will review the details of this almost six-month process in tomorrow’s article with the hopes that other people may be able to take advantage of our strategy to negotiate a reduced mortgage payment.

Purpose of War in Iran

I wrote previously that the goal of today’s wars are to establish Rothschild/Illuminati backed central banks such as The Federal Reserve. The Fed is an independent bank that controls the supply of the United States Dollar. The most recent countries to experience this were Iraq, Afghanistan, and Libya.

In addition, I mentioned that this is the purpose of the potential war in Iran. A war would destabilize the current central bank and make it necessary to establish Illuminati banking. The story linked here confirms this is exactly what is taking place as the United States attempts to do this through sanctions. I suspect the saber-rattling will continue with Iran until the new bank is in place.

New Economic System

The new financial system remains on the horizon. However, we are closer to it. This recent report shows that India and Iran are using gold instead of dollars to trade for oil.

Numerous other reports indicate that things are happening behind the scenes. I have not been able to confirm these reports so I have not reported them.

During my research, I have discovered a philosophy that I believe allows all of us to begin the transition to the new economy, no matter what we end up using for trade. Be sure to look for that information in future articles.

The Group That Controls The Wealth

Over the past few days, I have summarized the history of The Fed. My purpose in doing so was to determine to my own satisfaction whether there is an elite group that controls much of our world.

I’ve used more than three thousand words to summarize my research that spans more than thirty years. Obviously, I haven’t shared everything I know. I’ve only provided the information that is easiest to confirm.

Based on the history presented, it is clear there is a group of people who control many aspects of our lives.They are the ownership group of The Fed. They may be traced through the Masons to the Illuminati started by The Rothschild Family.

Before, I leave this topic, let’s look at a study published last October by New Scientist.

The authors of the report, Andy Coghlan and Debora MacKenzie, demonstrate that:

  • Eighty percent of the world’s profits are being earned by a ‘core’ group of 1,318 corporations.
  • This ‘core’ is mostly run by a “super-entity” of 147 companies that are totally interlocked. Seventy-five percent of them are financial institutions.
  • The top twenty companies in the “super-entity” include Barclays Bank, JP Morgan Chase & Co., Merrill Lynch, UBS, Bank of New York, Deutsche Bank, and Goldman Sachs.
  • The most profitable industries in this group are medicine, oil, and banking. These businesses fund and control other industries including education, environmental (National Parks System), military, religion, and the media.
  • Many key Federal Reserve personnel work for these companies.

Wealth controlTo repeat, a 147-part “super-entity,” with direct links to The Fed, has controlling interest in the 1,318-part “core,” which in turn has controlling interest in eighty percent of the world’s wealth.

These connections might not matter if those parts were playing fairly.

They aren’t.

The bank bailouts between 2007 and 2010 are an example.

Those in The Fed who lobbied for government approval for those bailouts were the same people who run the businesses that were receiving the funds. The mainstream media reported this as a “small” bailout of a “trillion dollars or two.”

However, the real numbers are staggering.

According to a congressional audit of The Fed, the bailout was for more than twenty-six trillion dollars.

Yes, it is clear.

A little group of people controls eighty percent of the world’s wealth. They have enough power to protect themselves from almost any mistake they might make in their business dealings.

They intend to do everything they can to keep this wealth and power.

A major obstacle could be the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit. It has the potential to expose how this group has kept secrets from the general public for hundreds of years. It could completely change our world in marvelous and fascinating ways.

Now you understand why I believe it is important.

I’ll keep you posted as things progress.

Coming next…

I recently learned about a progressive financial idea that I intend to use for my business in the near future. I’ll write about that in a couple of days.

Tomorrow, I’ll provide an update on some of the previous topics we’ve covered on Peace of Mind News including a new development regarding our home mortgage that we haven’t made a payment on in almost six months.

Subconscious Programming

In yesterday’s article, I wrote about the six areas where The Illuminati influences our lives.

There are more.

The six I mentioned yesterday are conscious influences.

Brain signals firingThere are subconscious influences too. This programming makes it easier to control the conscious actions of others. I believe this is one of the reasons The Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry.

The Masons already had a reputation for mystical practices. They already had significant ancient power. They already had a social system for leisure time activities and a spiritual system for religious thought.

Therefore, it was a natural evolution to expand this into general society.

Controlling leisure time activities is easy if you give people interesting things to do.

They did this.

Members of The Illuminati, including the Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Fords, donated property to be used for major museums around the world. This, combined with the formation of the National Park Service, gave The Illuminati the ability to invade society’s free time and use it to communicate its messages.

The invention of TV and radio expanded this even more. New York was already home for four of the banks that control the Fed: three European and one American. It was therefore natural for the headquarters of major broadcast networks to reside there. It isn’t a surprise that NBC broadcasts from Rockefeller Center.

An organization may easily control religious thought by providing volunteers to serve within those organizations. Freemasonry did this.

I spent the first thirty-five years of my life working within organized religion at a deep level. Based on my experience, I believe Masons infiltrate churches just as The Illuminati infiltrated Freemasonry. Many of the mainline “scriptural” teachings are not found within ancient texts. For example, my church taught me about three world wars, including the final one where those who oppose Christianity will be wiped off the map.

This is consistent with Masonic literature that says, “The ostensible object of the thirty-second degree is the invasion of the Holy Land, and its deliverance from the infidels. This is to be effected by uniting all the Masons, ancient and modern, under one commander, and directing them ‘en masse’ upon the Mahometans (Arabs).”

Subconscious programming is simple.

Use the education system to teach obedience rather than critical thinking. Then, insert ideas into the mainstream via leisure time activities and religion.

As I said at the beginning of this series, all of this could just be business people doing what business people do. Successful businesses understand the needs of their customers. In some cases, they even create the needs for the customers so they can sell a solution.

However, the insane obsession with conflict and war in current society certainly makes a case for the argument that someone is programing us to destroy ourselves.

If this is by design, it would be utterly essential for The Fed, its related corporations, and their beneficiaries, to participate in the most profitable companies in the most profitable industries that take advantage of this design.

Is there any proof they are, indeed, invested in these industries?


It is plainly clear that a small percentage of people, who are tied directly to The Fed and, by association to The Illuminati and the Masons, control the major industries and businesses throughout the world.

A study produced by New Scientist last October confirmed this.

I write about that tomorrow. In addition, I will tell about how this group of people has tapped into taxpayer funds at an unprecedented rate.

Why Occupy Protests The Fed

Occupie Jane EvershedA couple months ago, I wrote a series based on a poster created by Jane Evershed called “Don’t Eat the Cake, Share the OccuPIE.”

During that series, I addressed her six pieces of pie:

  1. end all wars
  2. environmental responsibility
  3. free/real education
  4. health care for all
  5. release of free energy technologies
  6. an ethical economy

A couple days ago, after writing about the American bank that has ownership interest in The Fed, I noticed something.

In that article, I said the American bank, JP Morgan Chase Bank of New York, originated with John Pierpont Morgan. As a banker, he provided financing for, among others, General Electric and the United States Steel Corporation. He worked with numerous inventors and businessman of his day including Henry Ford (automobile), Andrew Carnegie (steel), Jay Gould (railroad), and John Rockefeller (oil) to become to these men what The Rothschild Family was to European businesses and royalty.

I said these men created systems for manufacturing progressive and profitable products like transportation and the related consumables. Then, they used this wealth to further their interests by creating business systems they could use to control the world.

I said these businesses included medicine, military, education, energy, leisure activities, and banking.

When I went back to review that article, I noticed I had listed the same six businesses Jane had put in her poster.

In fact, the hairs on the back of my neck stood up as I realized the Occupy Protests are against the very things The Illuminati have put in place since the founding of The Fed.

Let’s look closer at each of these six areas.

War – This is used by The Illuminati to create world chaos. In addition, it creates national debts and generates significant profit for those who manufacture petroleum and steel based products including transportation.

Environment – The Rockefellers purchased vast amounts of land because of its natural beauty and donated it to the government. This was the beginning of the National Park Service. These actions influenced leisure activities. In addition, it allowed The Illuminati to lead the way in controlling environmental law and shaping it for their purposes. This protected some land while leaving other land vulnerable to pollution.

Education – The Rockefellers, Carnegies, and Fords invested in libraries and educational systems so they could have workers trained to work in their factories. This shaped the current public education system and taught students to obey at the expense of critical thinking. The article in this link has more information.

Health care – The Rockefellers started vaccination programs that became the Center for Disease Control. Their contribution to Western medicine is immense. While this philosophy has solved significant health issues, it has caused other, greater issues.

Energy – The Rockefellers made their money from petroleum-based products. This continues to be one of the most profitable areas for Illuminati-based businesses even when there are numerous reports of more efficient alternative energy systems.

Economy – The banking industry, led by The Fed, dominated the economy through the manipulation of money supply. This has created the severe issues we face today.

As I have shown in this series of articles, the common thread between these issues is The Fed. The Fed is controlled by ten banks. These banks are directly tied to The Freemasons who were infiltrated by The Illuminati, a group started by The Rothschild Family.

Those are the facts, as I understand them.

I continue this thought tomorrow when I write about more of this group’s influences.

The Long-Term Plan to Steal Asian Gold

With the establishing of The Fed, The Illuminati had gained control of Western assets. With the end of World War I, it could take the next step to gain control of Eastern assets.

I encourage you to go to David Wilcock’s site if you want to read the detailed story.

I’ll summarize for you.

The idea of a fiat currency, not based on gold, came from a book written by Adam Smith and originally published in 1776. An Inquiry Into the Nature and Causes of the Wealth of Nations argued that a metal-based system of trade had intrinsic problems. This book, the fundamental work in classic economics, says that a gold-backed system would cause inflation, encourage theft, and create wars over gold. Therefore, Smith proposed that the labor of a nation be the determining factor for its wealth.

This became the basis for the fiat currency we have today.

This philosophy might be sound in principle. However, it lent itself to such great manipulation that manipulation, rather than labor, became the basis for today’s currency.

In spite of Smith’s claims, The Illuminati knew gold was the primary measure of wealth. In addition, it knew that most of the gold in the world was secretly held in Asia. For the fiat currency idea to work, the gold had to remain hidden.

As I said yesterday, the British used the 1868 Meiji Restoration to build up Japan to loot and hide the Chinese gold. The Illuminati’s plan was to keep the abundant Eastern gold off the market so the fiat currency would remain necessary.

World War I was the wake-up call to the Asian nations that if they did not cooperate with this plan peacefully, it risked losing all their gold.

Bank for International SettlementsTherefore, shortly after the end of the war, Emperor Hirohito of Japan and several other nations agreed to participate in a new international bank called the Bank for International Settlements (BIS). The BIS was created by the founders of the Federal Reserve and, according to its website, it is a bank for central banks.

The Asians hoped this new bank would protect them from the theft of the gold.

As we already know, it didn’t.

It expanded the powers of the Fed globally. It gave The Illuminati a “legitimate” method of looting the Asian gold to keep it off the official books.

With the BIS in place, The Illuminati was set to take advantage of the debt-built roaring twenties. As the decade came to a close, the official story was that the United States Government had more debt that there was gold in the world. The only solution was bankruptcy. This allowed for the creation of the United States Corporation and brought the United States under the direct oversight of The Fed via the BIS.

It was at this point, in the early 1930s, that The Fed made the secret agreements that traded Asian gold for United States Treasury Bonds.

These secrets agreements removed most of the significant supplies of gold and silver from the market through turning them over to The Fed. Without this gold, the claim could continue to be made that there is not enough gold in the world to have a gold-based currency. In addition, these agreements gave The Fed an asset base to support the fiat currency.

The Illuminati had taken the Eastern assets “legitimately.” It appeared this was a better choice for everyone than having Japan and China fight for control of it.

Everyone got to use the gold. The Fed stored it and used it as a secret asset base for world currency. The Chinese received bonds as evidence of ownership knowing they would be able to redeem those bonds for the gold in the future. The public was told the gold had never existed in the first place.

The fiat currency was safe for sixty years.

Then, in the 1990s, the Asians attempted to cash in these sixty-year agreements and were met with resistance. They realized their gold had been legally looted and all they had to show for it were pieces of paper.

This brings us full circle to the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit filed in November that I wrote about last month.

There is one other element of this story to address before we leave it for a while. I’ll do that tomorrow.