Daily Archives: February 8, 2012

Me and My Shadow

This is personal. It is time for a little celebration and reflection.

The past twenty-four hours have reminded me why I do what I do.

Last night, after spending a day doing more than a dozen tax returns, I spoke for a group of Albuquerque business owners. I helped them understand how to manage money and create wealth. I spoke for an hour and answered questions for a second hour.

This morning, I discovered that The 2012 Scenario website posted a link to this week’s Peace of Mind News articles, including the full text of the “Doing Our Best” article. I’m grateful.

Then, I met with a client’s employees and trained them on a new time tracking system. Afterwards, the client and I discussed tax and website issues.

I feel like I have been in the spotlight for twenty-four hours straight.

The hectic series of events is the reason this post wasn’t completed at 8:15 Mountain Time today.

Yes, I actually have a goal of posting 500-700 words each day at that time. Some of my friends think I’m crazy to write so much so often. Some think I enjoy being in the spotlight too much.

The truth is the writing keeps me from going crazy. It allows me to reconcile all the stuff that rattles around inside my brain. I hope readers need help reconciling similar issues and my writing will help them.

I admit I’m obsessed with helping others succeed. I accept it as who I am. I know it is where I find my fulfillment.

Those who live with me understand this. I’m not sure if they admire it or enjoy it. I just know they accept it and encourage me.

One of those people is my partner, Sheri. We’ve been married for more than 26 years and she is completely content supporting my dreams and encouraging my success. Some people think she lives in my spotlight’s shadow too much. They think she’s hidden in the darkness.

They’re looking in the wrong place.

Sheri isn’t in my shadow. She never has been.

This is not me writing personal fluff.

If you don’t think so, consider this.

As of today, she has accomplished something remarkable, extraordinary, and tremendous.

Look at the image in this article. It is a screenshot taken from the Amazon.com website.

The latest Best Sellers list in Visionary Fiction ranks Sheri’s book, Beings and Doings, at number 12. She is on there with noted authors Richard Bach and James Redfield.

It feels surreal.

I’m married to an Amazon Best Selling Author.

Sheri is on a list with authors we’ve read and admired for years and now, to see her linked with them… well, as our daughter Mary says, “it brings a tear to my eye.”

Her book is a full-color children’s book with a message for everyone. It reminds us that we are not “human doings” we are “human beings.” It is a timely message for today’s society.

I would love to see her top that list. If you want to help her get there, you may order the book from Amazon. Order today and you can go to the book website and fill in a form to access a bunch of free gifts from numerous self-help writers and teachers.

Yes, it is a day for celebration and reflection. I’m grateful for who I am and what I get to do every day. And, I’m grateful for the family, readers, and clients around me that contribute to making all of that possible.

I’m especially grateful for Sheri, her support over the years, and her accomplishment today.

One more thing…. If you need to find me in the future, just look in Sheri’s shadow.