Daily Archives: February 15, 2012

White Hat Puzzle Pieces

A client, who is also my friend, visited me this week.

For reasons that will become obvious, I won’t use his name in this article, not yet. For now, I’ll call him “Tommy.”

Tommy carries a happy-go-lucky attitude as a façade to his internal turmoil.

Tommy is a veteran. However, when he went to get his veteran’s benefits, his file was missing. It took a few months to resolve that situation.

The reason his file was missing was because Tommy had special gifts and abilities that landed him in a Special Forces unit during the Cold War. His story was so chilling that I didn’t believe it at first.

He bombed soft targets, assassinated Red Army members, and kidnapped scientists while employed by the United States Military. He did these deeds during a time when the United States was not officially at war with anyone.

Each mission became more and more challenging. His superiors were surprised when he survived and, during his final two missions, he realized his replacement was waiting in the wings. Tommy was too stubborn and too skilled to die.

After seven horrifying missions, he refused to participate any more. Therefore, he became persona non grata to the military. This made it difficult for him to claim his benefits.

He was a fighter so he kept his paperwork in order and today, he receives some healthcare, even though he doesn’t receive his pension.

His story became more credible to me recently when I listened to interviews with Bill Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood). Bill claimed to be a Navy Seal who helped bomb soft targets in Iraq during the period between the two Iraqi wars.

Bill, like Tommy, finally refused to participate. He was ostracized. He was court-martialed on trumped up, non-military sexual assault charges over a civilian investigation where he was not charged with a crime.

He is now making his story public.

White HatAfter Bill’s January interviews, several things happened. He was threatened and harassed by local law enforcement. He was contacted by what he calls “The White Hats.” They already knew about his military background, including the classified information.

They had vetted him previously. When the threats intensified, The White Hats moved him into a secure location.

Bill is fortunate.

Another client has told me about how she took care of her brother for years after he participated in covert military missions. He ended up in prison on trumped up charges after he told his story.

The reason I’m writing about Tommy today is that he, like Bill, recently received a phone call.

It was from a federal phone number.

Tommy knows because when the phone rang, he thought it was the VA Hospital calling to confirm an appointment.

The voice on the other end knew about Tommy’s “missing” military file. He offered Tommy a position as “general” in a militia, including a salary. He told him that, based on Tommy’s file; he knew Tommy was capable of doing what needed to be done.

Tommy declined the offer.

The voice told him he would be in touch because, as things developed, he knew Tommy would want to be involved.

Tommy told me about this phone call because I am his friend. He was puzzled.

I told him about Bill. I told him about my friend’s brother. I told him he was not alone.

His façade disappeared.

I saw, for the first time, the Tommy who responds to a situation that needs his skills and stubbornness.

He became thoughtful.

He thanked me for the information.

He promised me he would be in touch when the voice calls him the next time.