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Responding to The White Hats

Earlier this week, I used this site to write about my research on a group called The White Hats. I discovered they are a real organization. In addition, I tied The White Hats to the Oath Keepers organization.

This doesn’t mean that all of The White Hats are Oath Keepers. As far as I can tell, Oath Keepers are the foot soldiers of the movement. They are willing to do what needs to be done to defend and protect the United States Constitution.

According to Bill Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood), The White Hats also include current government employees. Although Bill won’t name specific departments, Benjamin Fulford will.

He says The White Hats include high-ranking CIA, FBI, and Pentagon (military) officials. These people understand what is taking place in the world’s systems and are willing to support the transition away from it.

They see that 9/11 could not have happened according to the official story. They recognize how it was used to erode freedom and to justify immoral and illegal wars. They are committed to not allowing this to happen again.

Fulford claims The White Hats have enough clout to use government military assets for their purposes. He tells the story of fighter planes protecting a ship of world leaders at a White Hat meeting last August to discuss a new financial system.

Others who claim to speak for The White Hats say that part of the peaceful transition includes mass arrests of world leaders including those in the media, religious institutions, and government. A review of recent headlines shows these arrests may already be happening.

The What Hats say that when those people are out of the way, we can evolve to a peaceful planet.

They say more too – a lot more.

Rather than try to consolidate it here. I’ll instead refer you to their website where they expose the dark cabal (their term for The Illuminati).

If what I understand is accurate, the ramifications of this movement are alarming to the Department of Homeland Security. Therefore, DHS implies that those who believe in Constitutional Freedoms are terrorists. Therefore, they use taxpayer funds to create posters that label many common behaviors as possible terrorist activity. This includes paying for purchases with cash, shaving a beard, and dyeing hair.

In addition, this is alarming to The Illuminati if it wants to implement martial law and otherwise limit human freedom. Their efforts could result in a full-fledged Civil War as White Hat Members refuse to obey orders and turn on their commanders.

White Hat PeaceWhat is the peaceful response to all of this?

While I admire the willingness of The White Hats to use military and defense skills, the world I believe we are creating won’t need those skills. In fact, if military power is used to create a peaceful world, we will create what we have today: a war-prone society that only gives lip-service to peace.

This is a horrific utopia where those with guns enforce their version of peace upon the rest of society. It is what we have today as the United States forces democracy on smaller countries.

The peaceful response is for each person to have the freedom and power to pursue his or her dreams.

The peaceful response is to pursue love and peace in every decision, in every act. It is not to create peace via war.

My friend, Tommy, almost got caught up in the fear of The White Hats. He debated creating peace via war.

However, after a week to think about everything, he realized that fear is the problem, not the solution. Therefore, he has chosen a peaceful response and given me permission to tell more of his story.

I’ll do that soon.