The Answer is Living Within The Gift

Tonight, I will speak to a group of small business owners. I spoke to them a couple of weeks ago. I talked about basic stuff: taxes, financial reports, and how to make money. I threw in a couple of motivational sections, just to keep it interesting.

Tonight, my talk will be different. I’ll move away from the safe topics and chat with them about “Adapting to Change.” I’ll tell them what happens when we know we need to change and refuse to do so. I’ll tell them about a near-death experience. I’ll tell them about artwork made from broken pieces of clay.

Tonight, by the time I am done, they will either love me or hate me. There will be no neutral ground. They will either think I’m the most insightful or the craziest speaker they have ever heard.

It should be fun.

Living Within The GiftPart of this discussion will be to explain Living Within The Gift. In fact, for the first time since I have grasped the concept, I will talk about it and make my products and services available at “Living Within The Gift” pricing.

It is how I am adapting to change.

If you are a regular reader, you know I think a massive change is underway within our financial system. I’ve been writing about this evolution for a while.

Over the past few days, the headlines are screaming that we have arrived at the threshold of this change. The two links below contains a total of more than forty headlines and links to stories about banking officials and financial leaders who have resigned in the past few months, many since the first of this month.

Link number one.

Link number two.

European and financial press exploded last Friday with the story of the seizing of trillions of dollars of “fake” United States Treasury Bonds issued in 1934. This seizure took place in Switzerland and was done by Italian authorities.

A similar arrest in 2009 led to the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit I wrote about in December. My take is that the bonds are real and the arrests, if any took place, are false. Look closely in the articles and you will see the names of the arrested are not listed.

This feels like a counter story written in an attempt to convince the public to ignore the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit. It is The Illuminati’s attempt to say, “Look the other way. There is nothing to see here.”

Most of the reports on this story are coming out of Europe and mainstream media is downplaying it.

Quite frankly, the story raises more questions than it provides answers. For example, why would anyone create such massive and obvious counterfeit instruments with criminal intent? Wouldn’t this imply there are real instruments like this since someone made an attempt to counterfeit them?

The other big headline is that Greece, in spite of efforts to keep its nose above financial water, is going to default on its payments to the European Central Bank (ECB). Numerous financial experts say this will take down the top five United States Banks because they are collectively holding 250 trillion dollars in derivatives exposure and most of that is in European sovereign debt derivatives.

In layman’s terms, this means Greece will not pay its debt to the European Central Bank (ECB). This default will mortally wound the ECB. The five largest United States Banks hold a large derivative interest in the ECB. If it dies, the United States Banks die too.

As I have said numerous times, I do not know which of these forecasts and headlines are accurate. Today’s greatest battle is an information battle. I spend several hours each day reviewing information and I still struggle to determine which story is accurate and which one isn’t.

I do know that Living Within The Gift will work in any economic system. I know this because it is based on love and generosity and those attributes are always accurate.

Therefore, tonight, I’ll make a conscious effort to use this concept within our free market society.

I will let you know how it goes tomorrow. In addition, I will have more to say about the stories briefly mentioned in this article.

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