Daily Archives: February 22, 2012

The Gift For Uncertain Times

Last night, I spoke to a group of small business owners. The topic was “Adapting to Change.” My talk was well-received. Afterwards, members of the audience said nice things about it. Some even purchased books and videos. Therefore, I assume the evening was helpful to those in attendance.

If anyone thought I was crazy, they were polite enough to be quiet. Many said my comments were insightful.

I know I learned a lot.

I learned that old stories pale in comparison to new ones. This is true even when the old stories are emotional and powerful. Fresh and new stories contain fresh and new energy. I suppose that is why we have a fascination with “news.” We want to know what is happening, what is new.

Therefore, the seven-year old story about the near-death experience fell flat.

The story about the amazing new piece of artwork that represents creating beauty out of shattered experiences grabbed people’s hearts.

The concept of Living Within The Gift resonated throughout the room. Heads bobbed up and down and light radiated from the eyes of those listening. It seemed that everyone already intuitively knew about this concept, even if they weren’t conscious of it.

When they made purchasing decisions, they used the printed Living Within The Gift information I gave them to determine the pricing.

In other words, they got it.

I’m glad.

This gives me hope that no matter what happens with the financial systems, we will be OK because we understand that bartering, trading, and surviving comes as we Live Within The Gift.

If the three stories I mentioned yesterday are any indication, we may need these skills very quickly.

The first is the sudden resignation of bank officials all over the world.

Bank FailuresI provided links to a collection of headlines in yesterday’s article. Since then, eClinik Learning has put together a page with the text from all of the stories. The scope is overwhelming, even for me.

Even more overwhelming is to consider what all of this means.

For months, those who channel messages from the Galatics have said arrests were coming. The channels said arrests would mark the beginning of the shift to the new prosperity systems. Is this what we are experiencing?

If not, then what else could be going on?

Typically, resignations are part of deals. Those resigning become scapegoats for illegal or unskillful acts. Are the financial leaders leaving their positions as part of an agreement to avoid arrest? Are they leaving because they don’t want to remain as captains on sinking ships? Are they leaving for some other reason that I can’t think of today?

Those who follow the channelers believe these resignations are an indication that the ETs are about to reveal themselves. Therefore, they are excited about the possibilities and are devoting a lot of time discussing the details.

Those who follow banking and finance believe the resignations reveal corruption throughout the banking system.

Whatever the case, the stories provide motivation to understand and practice Living Within The Gift. It is the most valuable and stable method of exchange we have in these uncertain times.

I’ll provide information about related stories tomorrow.