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Adding BRICS on the Road to Prosperity

Today, I look at two stories that could indicate major change is imminent.

BRICSThe first is a story about the BRICS nations of Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa. Earlier this week, these nations signed an agreement to trade in their own currencies instead of using the US dollar. These two links provide the details.

BRICS Nations Sign Local Currency Pact

BRICS Move to Unseat US Dollar as Trade Currency

The ramifications of this are huge if you understand the history. The United States quit backing the domestic dollar with gold in 1933. It quit backing its international dollar with gold in 1971.

Instead, the Nixon administration negotiated an agreement to guarantee Saudi Arabia’s security as long as the Saudis only sold their crude oil for dollars. Soon afterwards, the OPEC nations agreed to make dollars the exclusive currency for their oil too.

As a result, the dollar is backed by oil, not gold. The world has been forced, literally at gunpoint, to use this economic system for more than forty years. Every time an OPEC nation has attempted to sell oil for something other than dollars, the United States military has shown up with bombs and missiles.

The practice of only selling oil for dollars has given the United States a huge advantage in world trade. This has allowed The Fed manipulate oil prices while printing as many dollars as it needs to control the world’s economy and prevent an American financial crisis.

This is about to change.

The BRICS agreement allows more than half of the world’s population to ignore the dollar in their international trade. It is not a coincidence that some of these five countries have already purchased Iranian oil with gold and other currencies.

If you want to explore this situation further, I recommend this well-written article by Alfred Adask.

The second story is found in a report by David Wilcock on his Divine Cosmos website.  He claims this new series will soon provide evidence that ETs, what some would call angels, are actively preventing military conflicts around the world.

As part of this series, he did a three-hour interview with a man named “Drake.”

This interview, posted a couple of days ago has already gone viral.

In it, Drake claims the next American Revolution is just around the corner. Or, maybe I should call it a world revolution.

This link has a story that summarizes the events.

This link has the three hour interview.

Drake claims a new currency system is already in place. I believe it is tied to the BRICS agreement. Therefore, these two stories may be connected.

What is the peaceful response?

At one level, I  remain skeptical. I’ve heard these stories before. I’ve heard the word “soon” so much that it is my new four-letter word.

At another level, I continue to prepare. I continue to inform my readers.

If this change is going to happen, I want to make sure I’m ready to participate in it and to help facilitate it. Towards that end, I have reprinted a chart that may be helpful if Drake’s information is accurate.

Is it possible that the time of global prosperity and peace is upon us?


Responding to Reports of Upcoming Catastrophe

The five countries that make up half of the world’s population signed a new international banking agreement this week. This agreement does not include use of the United States Dollar. This is a developing story that I will write about another day.

Today, I am writing about a recently channeled message.

I usually don’t use this forum to respond directly to channeled messages. I write about them generally. However, since the purpose of this website is to respond to news and life from a peaceful perspective, I feel I need to respond to the March 28 Message From the Ashtar Command as relayed by Greg Giles.

A couple of notes:

  1. The Ashtar Command consists of friendly ETS.
  2. If you are one of my readers who don’t believe in channeled messages, I invite you to read this article anyway because it has vital information on how to respond to sudden and unexpected changes that some may call catastrophe.

Giles’ March 28 article tells us that we are entering a time in the cycle of history when catastrophe is imminent. This is a seismic catastrophe similar to the great flood recorded in many ancient texts. The Ashtar Command is telling us about this now because they want to spare as many lives as possible.

On the surface, this appears to be the same message perpetuated by all religions. Disaster is coming. Prepare now.

I have heard it so much that I alternate between become immune to it and actually believing it will happen.

Those who follow channeled messages, including those from Mr. Giles, are in an uproar. Most of the others channels are saying that catastrophe is not part of the upcoming shift. Therefore, they believe the Ashtar Command is mistaken.

Is it?

Of course, we won’t know until the catastrophe does or does not happen. It is foolish to guess.

After all, I believe we live in a world of pure potential. I accept the fact that anything that may happen to a human being may happen to me today. In addition, I know that whatever happens will be for my benefit.

The responses I see regarding this situation remind me of the familiar story of the man who was told by God that a flood was coming. God said, “Don’t worry. The flood will be massive and you will survive it.”

FloodSure enough, the flood came and, as the waters rose, the man was forced from the first floor of his home to the second story and eventually to the roof. Rescue workers encouraged him to evacuate as the flood approached. Then, they returned to him as the flood worsened, first in a boat and then in a helicopter.

He turned them down by saying, “God told me I he would be OK.”

Eventually the water was so deep that the man drowned.

When he arrived at Heaven, he was mad with God because he died in the flood even though God told him he would be OK.

When questioned, God’s response was, “I sent rescue workers to you three times and you refused them. What else could I do?”

Is it possible that all of the spiritual sources that are saying there won’t be a catastrophe are attempting to teach us that catastrophe is all about perspective? Is it possible they are saying there won’t be a catastrophe for us because the Ashtar Command will tell us what to do to avoid it?

Is it possible that for us to move to a loving, peaceful environment, we must experience massive change? Is it possible Gaia will participate in this change to help us along with this process?

If we believe a spiritual shift will happen, we know there must be change, massive change. Giles’ message says that this change, whatever it is, is nothing to fear. It says to pay attention, be aware, and experience life from a perspective of peace and love.

This is the essence of the world’s now-happening spiritual change. This is the shift we crave. It is good advice, whether or not we experience the coming event that may be perceived as a catastrophe by some.

Mr. Giles next message continued the thought of preparing for the Earth changes. Here is the link if you would like to read the message.

Coping with Life’s Intensity

Yesterday, I said that political correctness has become society’s default response. From my perspective, it is one of the many escape mechanisms we use for dealing with intensity.

IntensityWhen intensity is too great, we may become overstimulated or feel overwhelmed. Instead of experiencing those intensities, we choose to avoid them.

If the sensations are physical, the body might shut down or involuntarily withdraw producing illness or even a coma.

If the sensations come from the intense passion of a relationship, the parties separate from one another. In some cases, the relationship may end.

If the sensations happen through intense conversation, a participant may drop into political correctness.

If the sensations derive from mental stimulation, the brain feels overloaded and depression may occur.

I often hear this complaint from readers when I write about all of the things that are happening in our world. They tell me the financial, government, religious, and spiritual situations become too much for them.

This isn’t an intellectual capability issue.

They understand what I’m saying. They just have trouble handling the emotional, physical, and psychological ramifications of the material. They may feel ill, become depressed, and not read the material.

I have found an alternative to avoiding intense experiences.

I lean into them so I can embrace them.

I have discovered that intense situations give me the opportunity to step through the portal, to go into the realm where I enter the zone, and experience the all that is flowing through me.

This is not some blind, adrenaline fueled rampage.

Instead, it is a state of being where time slows down, where I can accurately anticipate others’ reactions, and respond to them, often at a supernatural level. It is a place where I can hear spirit speaking to me, giving instructions and, at times, even using my facilities to do what I do not yet understand to do.

For example, I can watch a bread slice, loaded with butter and jelly, fall from the counter and influence it to land jelly-side up. I can pick it up from the floor and eat it without worrying about it containing harmful contaminants.

I can do all of this without panicking and without drama.

I became acutely aware of this several years ago as I drove down a city street with three other people riding in the vehicle.

As I approached a gas station on the right, a car, coming towards me, turned across my path towards the service station. I steered right, hoping the oncoming car would stop, just as another vehicle started to enter the road from the gas station. I was trapped.

Without thinking, I quickly accelerated, turned back to the left, drove through a tiny opening, and continued down the road unscathed.

It had happened so quickly that my passengers sat in a stunned silence that I broke by saying, “Pretty impressive driving huh?”

It was impressive. I had entered the zone and done the impossible.

I had reached a point of overstimulation. It was so intense I couldn’t handle it consciously and something else kicked in to help me negotiate the situation.

As I went through it, I was calm. Time slowed to a crawl. I saw every vehicle, found the only opening, and drove through it.

Today, I recognize this experience as a normal part of life. It is one way to practice connecting to spirit.

To use spiritual terminology, it is the training ground for ascension, the term many spiritual writers are using to describe our current shift.

And, it appears this shift is really happening. A variety of reports have come through in the past twenty-four hours that indicate a move forward has occurred. I will research their accuracy and start writing about them in tomorrow’s article.

The Confusion of Political Correctness

Saturday afternoon, one of my tax clients began to talk politics with me. Even though I haven’t voted in years, I occasionally enjoy hearing what other people think about the political process, so I decided to engage the conversation.

At first glance, it seemed this gentleman wasn’t sure what he thought.

He liked our current Democratic president.

He commented that, “all the politicians in jail are Democrats and that has to tell you something.” He implied that it meant Democrats are the crooks. Or, maybe he meant that the Republicans control the courts.

When he left, we shook hands, and each commented on enjoying the conversation. It had been friendly and pleasant.

However, I had no idea what he really thought about politics.

After some thought, I realized my client probably had specific opinions that he was afraid to share with me. Instead of clearly talking about them, he had fallen into the socially acceptable behavior that most of us fall into when we discuss politics.

political correctnessHe became politically correct.

Political correctness came into vogue in the 1970s and 1980s. It is behaving in such a way so as to minimize social offense.

This behavior has serious consequences.

It causes us to presume that one person can offend another. In truth, an individual takes offense by choice. He or she may blame another’s actions for this offense. However, the offended always has power over his or her response to the action.

It causes us not to say what we mean. This ambiguity confuses the listener and contributes to misunderstandings. We end up talking in code so that our words take on multiple shades of meaning.

It causes us to hide who we really are. This prevents other people from loving us fully because they don’t know us fully. Instead of revealing our true selves, we shape shift into what we thinks someone else wants us to be.

When we behave according to the moors of political correction, we leave conversations feeling empty. We may have successfully exchanged words without debating or disagreement. However, each person knows it was a futile and unrewarding experience because neither person spoke from the heart.

No one had the opportunity to walk away from the situation with clarity because difficult topics were not discussed.

That is exactly how I felt Saturday when my client left. We could have discussed controversial topics in a kind and gentle manner. Instead, we talked while saying nothing.

Was my client a Republican or a Democrat?

Did he really like our current president or was he being sarcastic?

Did he believe the Democrats in prison were crooks or victims?

I had no idea.

Even when I had attempted to get him to say more, he was evasive.

He was being politically correct.

I can’t blame him.

In spite of its consequences, political correctness has become society’s default response.

I’ll explore why this is so in tomorrow article. In addition, I’ll explain what this has to do with going through the portal, I topic I wrote about the previous two days.

Stepping Through the Portal

I have always been attracted to sports. My parents didn’t understand this attraction. They used it to encourage me to pursue music. They saw no future in game-playing. They only saw the injuries and the risks. They saw “playing in the band” as a way I could go to the games without paying admission.

As a result, I have a degree music education… and I still love sports.

After years of playing music, teaching students, playing sports, and coaching teams, I have noticed the experience of being in the zone is common in all of these areas. I see it when musicians play exceedingly difficult passages. I observe it when athletes accomplish ridiculous feats.

I have experienced it while playing the piano, picking the guitar, and writing. I have experienced it while speaking, while reading, while making love.

Skeptics call it luck. Supporters call it skill.

I call it something else.

I call it stepping through the portal.

sportsAs I said yesterday, sports is a portal… and so are many other things.

We step through a portal every time we attempt something so difficult that our conscious mind cannot logically figure out what to do next. At that point, we act from another part of our being. Maybe it is the heart or the soul. Maybe we connect with something beyond ourselves and use the energy from beyond to accomplish what otherwise would be impossible.

Scientists have explained to me that since these things can’t be measured, they can’t be proven so I can’t speak definitively on the subject. They say that if I have an experience that can’t be measured or duplicated, there is no proof. Even if I have recorded the experience on tape or paper or in a digital format, that doesn’t mean it actually happened. Those items can be edited.

So, for the sake of the argument, I will yield to their scientific terminology and say I can’t prove that we step through the portal when we do the impossible.

However, we all know something special is happening.

This is why we flock to sporting events, rock concerts, live theater, and movies. We yearn for that connection with the supernatural. We intuitively recognize it when we see something done at a high level. It feeds the deepest part of our being.

This is why we crave a change in our government, our financial system, and our world. This is why we look to the skies for Jesus or ETs or some other supernatural being to appear.

We know there is more out there.

Amazing accomplishments in art, science, and sport “prove” it to us.

We want the freedom to live and work in the zone every day. We want to go through the portal on a regular basis. We believe we need changes or help from beyond to do this.

Do we?

If we don’t, is there a way we can do it today?

I believe there is. I believe it is found in something Eckhart Tolle posted on Facebook over the weekend.

Author George Eliot wrote: “Nothing is so good as it seems beforehand”. Strange, isn’t it? What (or who) we thought would make us happy doesn’t quite live up to its promise… turns out to be flawed in some way, or even turns into its opposite (the honeymoon/divorce syndrome). The reason: we OVERVALUE the future and OVERLOOK the present moment. The GOOD that we look for in the future is actually concealed in the present moment (which of course is all you ever have). It’s in every sight and every sound, it’s in every breath you take. It’s in the aliveness you can feel inside your body, and it’s in the light of consciousness itself that is the essence of who you are. I call this: waking up to reality.

We wake up to reality and step through the portal to do the impossible every time we are completely in the moment. Every time we fully connect with who we are, we become greater than we were before.

We experience pure potential.

Today, I will use every task I undertake to step through that portal; be it writing, sports, art, or eating. This attention to being in the moment will allow me to remember fully the capability I have to be love, joy, and peace.

It is what is needed to affect the spiritual shift in our world.

Will you join me?

Sports is a Portal

Sometimes, a crazy little thought bounces into my head. When this happens, I’ve learned to make a note of the thought, meditate on it for a while, and wait for the insight to appear.

A few months ago, I heard, “Sports is a portal.”

A little background will be helpful to the reader.

My favorite pastime is sports. I especially enjoy the team sports of basketball, baseball, football, hockey, and soccer. I keep an eye on tennis, golf, and NASCAR too.

As a kid, I played pickup games at every opportunity. Now, I play a lot of basketball because it is convenient. We have a short full-court on our property.

I watch sports. I play sports. As a businessman, I follow the financial decisions involving sports.

A portal is a doorway, an opening. In spiritual terminology, it is a gateway into another dimension.

When I heard “sports is a portal,” this background information ran through my mind.

I know that athletes often talk about getting in “the zone.” It is a place where the game slows down, everything becomes easier, and the participant does the impossible.

I watched this happen yesterday while playing basketball.

Paul, my son, was playing on a team that needed one more basket to defeat my team. He stood fifteen feet away from the basket. His defender guarded him closely, so close that Paul had to turn his back to the defender and to the basket to keep from losing the ball.

Suddenly, Paul flipped the ball over his head, over the defender, and into the basket to win the game.

Yes, you read that correctly. It was a blind, over-the-head shot, from fifteen feet.

Making a basket is hard enough when a player’s form is correct and his eyes are firmly locked on the basket. The fact that Paul made the shot without seeing his target defies explanation.

I have seen other athletes do the same thing. They perform the seemingly impossible.

They don’t understand it when they do it.

Michael Jordan shrugEven though Michael Jordan was a great basketball player, shooting three-pointers was not the best part of his game. However, in Game One of the 1992 NBA finals, he hit a record six three-pointers in the first half. After he made the last one, he just turned, looked at press row, and shrugged.

He had no logical explanation for his suddenly-gained skill. He was just in the zone.

Athletes often hire sports psychologists to help them learn how to get into this zone. They visualize. They analyze. They meditate.

Debates rage over what is most important: practicing physical skills or visualizing accomplishments.

It seems obvious that practicing a task repeatedly trains the muscles how to do something so it can be perfected. However, after years of playing and watching sports, I suspect there is something else happening.

I believe these people are using their practice as a portal. They have stepped into a dimension where the impossible become possible. They have found a sweet spot in life where things become easier.

Paul’s over-the-head shot demonstrates that.

Jordan’s sudden ability to shoot three-pointers demonstrates that too.

Does this ability have anything to do with the shift we are experiencing our spirituality, our finances, and our leadership?

I believe it does and I will explain that tomorrow.

A Lawsuit on The Road to Disclosure

Could a lawsuit filed in Florida last week help clear the path for disclosure?

It could happen.

Wolf SpiritWilliam (Bill) Brockbrader (aka Bill Wood) and Wolf Spirit Radio have been sued by Don Shipley. On the surface, the story appears to be about how one man’s business is impacting another man’s business.

Shipley, the plaintiff in the lawsuit, claims Brockbrader, and other people who pretend to be Navy SEALS, hurt his business called Extreme SEAL Experience, where he gives clients elements of SEAL training.

Brockbrader claims to be a former member Navy SEAL Team Nine, a team that supposedly doesn’t exist. His interviews created quite a stir in January when he talked about his military experiences in Iraq. He provided first-hand testimony of how the United States Government used tomahawk missiles to kill thousands of unarmed civilians during the time between the two Iraqi wars. Brockbrader believes these killings were designed to motivate Arab Terrorists to act against the United States.

He explained how he underwent training in Area 51 to enhance his psychic abilities. He said some of the sessions were led by ETs. He indicated he has other secrets to tell.

I suspect the lawsuit is an effort to keep Brockbrader from telling those secrets.

Brockbrader’s agrees. He says Shipley’s business is suffering because people are less interested in war; therefore, they are less interested in the training. It would be difficult to link Brockbrader’s actions to Shipley’s business failure.

These two links take you to two reports of the lawsuit.

Virgina Pilot Story

Tampa Tribune Story

This link takes you to Brockbrader’s response to the lawsuit.

This already compelling story takes on another interesting element when we realize who wasn’t sued in this lawsuit.

Wolf Spirit Radio wasn’t the original source for Brockbrader’s interviews.

Kerry Cassidy from Project Camelot Radio was the first to interview Brockbrader.

This response from Cassidy explains why she believes they were not named in the suit.

Cassidy has a litany of whistleblowers who will come to her support should she be sued. If the goal is to hide information by keeping Brockbrader quiet, suing Project Camelot will do the exact opposite. In fact, Cassidy has the forum and the sources to do hours of programming about black ops and clandestine activities performed by the American military.

In addition, Cassidy believes the lawsuit is an act in futility, “What this lawsuit is, in my view, is an attempt to prove the impossible… as the saying goes, “He asked if it was classified and he was told no, because you can’t classify something that doesn’t exist.”

It is all quite interesting because the lawsuit threatens to bring classified and controversial information into a public forum. Brockbrader has already indicated his has substantial evidence to support his claims. He has shown he is ready to discuss his past and provide personal details that most would prefer to hide.

I suspect he would be more than willing to discuss the details of his ET training, explain how he used psychic abilities, and disclose his other secrets in a court of law, on the record, and under oath.