Signs on the Floor

Over the past several days, I have woven a story from my experiences. The story started when I began to look for an explanation behind the value of gold. A series of synchronicities led me to a new client, a book by Sir Laurence Gardner, and one hundred year old newspaper article.

My discoveries from those sources shed light on Biblical mysteries I have pondered for most of my life. Those answers resonated with me while pushing the boundaries of my belief system.

As Gardner concluded his book, he offered a proposed solution to another mystery. He explained what happened to the Ark of the Covenant.

The story is long and covers thousands of years. It moves from the Middle East to Western Europe. It ends in France at Chartres Cathedral. Gardner contends that the Ark is located at the center of the labyrinth there, in an extra-dimensional space-time state.

I found his argument compelling. It resonated with me.

However, it pushed the boundaries of my belief system even further, so I wasn’t ready to buy it.

Then, another sign appeared.

My son, Paul, has recently spent a lot of his free time assisting a local church in the remodel of their auxiliary building. They have ripped out walls, opened up the space, and created a social hall. It is a gathering place, outside of the main auditorium, where the community can share meals and fellowship.

As the project evolved, he began to talk about the concrete floor and a labyrinth.

I didn’t think much about it until a few weeks ago when we went to a Sunday afternoon concert at that church. On the way to the auditorium, I was “pulled” towards the auxiliary building. As I approached the glass doors, I could see the lights were off.

My son told me the doors were locked.

They weren’t.

Albuquerque Center for Spiritual Living Labyrinth I stepped into the room and there, laid out on the floor, was a reproduction of the Chartres Labyrinth.

The church caretaker had seen me open the door. He quickly followed me into the room and asked me to leave. The floor wasn’t finished and he didn’t want me walking on it.

It was OK. I had seen enough.

I considered the odds of reading a book that presented a radical idea about a labyrinth on another continent and then, a few days later, going to a concert at a place where I could see a newly created reproduction of that labyrinth.

My heart pounded.

Did our family somehow know the significance of a labyrinth? Is that why we had slowly built one on our property over the past couple of years?

Was this why I met someone several years ago who invited me to a study group where I met the man who was the previous leader at the church my son now attended?

I walked out of the room and used the concert to process what I had experienced. By the time the crystal bowl and didgeridoo musical experience had ended, I knew, without a doubt, that I had received confirmation of Gardner’s theory.

I also knew I had to consider the ramifications of what this meant.

Was the true value of gold really tied to alchemical products, spiritual experiences, healing, and extra-dimensional realities? I evaluated everything I knew about finance and value. I couldn’t see any other practical explanation.

I chuckled at the word “practical.” I realized where this was headed. The pieces fit together even though I had trouble accepting the information.

I’ll write about that tomorrow.

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