The Next Best Actions for Peace

Looking for the Next Best ActionMy purpose in writing an article each day is to respond to news and life from a peaceful perspective. As I’ve said many times, I write for me. I write about what interests me. I’m honored that readers look over my shoulder.

I hope that by writing about the information that comes across my desk, adding my perspective, and formulating a peaceful response, I can help us arrive at World Peace.

I admit this is a selfish act because I prefer World Peace to World War.

Part of a peaceful response is a peaceful preparation. Therefore, I use the information I encounter to describe how to prepare peacefully for what may be ahead.

Notice, I am not predicting what will happen. I’m looking at the signs in an attempt to determine what may be happening. Then, I’m providing a response that will allow us to move towards peace.

The question I’m always attempting to answer is “Based on the current situation, what is the next best action that will lead to peace?”

Sometimes this is a global response.

More often, it is an individual response. I know that, as more and more individuals obtain Peace of Mind; we will create a global consciousness for World Peace.

For today, I’m still interested in the large number of resignations and investigations since the first of year. According to Global Mass Resignation Facebook Page, the current number is 350.

Except for mainstream media, others are interested in this story too. One website has sliced and diced the data into informative grafts.

I’ve heard rumors that those who are leading corrupt organizations have been given until March 23rd or perhaps as long as March 31st to resign or face arrest. When I ask who has set the deadline, I hear two answers: 1) The White Hats, 2)The Peaceful ETs.

It appears that either group may have the power to enforce this deadline. Apparently, The White Hats control much of the American military and ETs, what some call Anunnaki, have been seen in the Pentagon with three stars on their collars. This interview with a twenty-seven year military veteran who retired as a Command Sergeant Major provides those details.

In addition, this recording with Dr. Steven Greer and Dr. Ted Loder outlines the technology available to peaceful ETs that may not be available to government leaders yet.

Therefore, I suppose it is possible that either group has enough clout to push for the resignations. If The White Hats have reached agreements with the ETs, they certainly have enough strength to create significant change.

It may be possible that those who are resigning are corrupt and this is a massive house cleaning. It may also be possible that those who are resigning are smart. They see the handwriting on the wall. They realize a change is ahead and they don’t want to participate in it.

Those who are watching these events with me keep asking what I think will happen next.

I keep saying, “I don’t know.”

I ask these questions in response:

  • If we have a revaluation of the world’s currencies, how will this affect you?
  • Will it cause panic in the streets?
  • Will it shut down power and communications systems for a while?
  • Will it disrupt the banking and investing industries?
  • Will it start a war in the Middle East?
  • Will it prompt martial law in the United States?

Of course, there are other possibilities in our world that could cause panic, shut down systems, disrupt financial industries, start war, and prompt martial law.

We have chosen to live in interesting times.

What is the peaceful response?

As I said yesterday, acquire and maintain physical control of your assets. If you have large amounts of money in the bank, stocks in a brokerage house, or other paper assets, convert them to something you can own and possess in your hands.

Then, use those assets to invest in sustenance items so you can maintain a household at your current location if all systems shut down. This includes items such as food and water, non-grid power and communication systems, and other necessities for living including first-aid supplies, a composting toilet, and cooking supplies.

In addition, prepare go-bags in case you need to move to a different location for up to two weeks.

Most of all, stay in the moment. Be aware. Listen to and trust your intuition.

I believe these are the next best actions we can take to lead us to individual peace and ultimately, to World Peace.

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