Indicators of Change

OH MY – I’m on information overload today.

ButterflyIt is at times like there that I’m reminded to get in the moment, stay centered, and trust that everything is designed for my benefit. It is designed for everyone else’s benefit too.

What that in mind, this article looks at the highlights of the info that has come across my desk in the past twenty-four hours.

Let’s start with something that happened yesterday. Mexico had a large earthquake. This wasn’t the predicted big one. It is still scheduled for tomorrow. This is an earthquake that just happened to take place at the same time and place as a scheduled earthquake drill. This link has that story.

The predicted big quake is one that is supposed to happen every 188 days. Put “188 day earthquake cycle” into a search engine and you’ll get pages full of stories that support and debunk this theory. Some claim yesterday’s quake fits the cycle. Others say this quake wasn’t big enough and we should expect one even bigger in the next 24 hours. This article in this link says that with the large number of large quakes we are experiencing on Earth, you could create a theory with almost any number of days and be accurate.

Next, the rumors about the imminent revaluing of the Iraqi Dinar have reached a fevered pitch. Those who believe in forthcoming prosperity packages that come from a balanced and fair economy say this marks the beginning of the new financial system. Or, it may just be a clever marketing angle for those who broker the currency. This article reports insider information about how the new system may impact us. 

It includes reports of the end of The Fed and the IRS. These institutions will be replaced with a Treasury Bank. Kennedy attempted to start this process less than a month before he was shot. His assassination postponed things for a while. The belief is that our society has come far enough in the past fifty years to make this transition.

By “come far enough,” I mean that those who have created the tyranny we face today may be coming to the end of their reign. This radio show, broadcast Sunday, has details about an upcoming change in government, including arrests of those in power. The claim is that it may look like a military coup. However, it isn’t that. It is the civilian re-establishment of our lawful government.

Then, there are numerous spiritual channels who are forecasting massive change that includes:

  1. Massive Earth changes
  2. A fair and balanced economy with prosperity for all
  3. The arrests of those who have caused today’s challenges

In my day to day conversations with clients, I often hear them say things like:

  • “It sure feels like something is about to change.”
  • “Our current way of life has to shift”
  • “I sense a transition is just around the corner.”

The pieces could be coming together. Change may be about to happen. We might be manifesting a new world in front of our eyes.

That would be a peaceful response.

What do you think? Are we on the edge of a major change? Feel free to leave your comments below.

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