Unanswered Questions

I figured out why the story about the Secret Service sex scandal won’t go away. There are too many unanswered questions about it.

I’ve said numerous times that I write this website for myself. If I don’t understand something, I write about it. I gain understanding as I write and research. Sometimes, I understand completely after one article. Often, it takes more than one.

It seems that other writers are doing the same thing with this story because it just doesn’t make sense.

Gordon Duff of Veterans Today lists all the reasons why in his article.

The link above will let you read it for yourself if you want the detail. The summary is that he thinks this was about an assassination attempt that went sour. He comes to this conclusion through deductive reasoning by saying there are just too many things in the official story that don’t fit what he knows about how foreign police would respond to the Secret Service in this situation.

For example, “Presidential advance detail, both military and Secret Service, have defacto diplomatic immunity.” In other words, local law enforcement wouldn’t arrest them for refusing to pay a prostitute.

Duff says this is a story even a child wouldn’t believe and it just isn’t credible.

What is really going on here?Question Marks

Another story that I think lacks credibility is the standoff between China and the Philippians over an area known as the Scarborough Shoal by the United States and the Huangyan Islands by China.

This little area of rocks and islands, blurred out on Google Earth – yes, I checked for myself – has been a source of conflict and dispute for years. The countries have agreed to disagree as long as each country’s fishermen can conduct their business in the area.

Now, there is renewed conflict over fishing rights and archeological vessels. This doesn’t make sense if the countries have agreed to disagree. What new event has stirred the waters and caused conflict?

This Chinese news source has multiple articles about the situation. Each article is written cryptically. Either the authors are hiding something or they are trying to figure out the situation for themselves.

Today’s post from Benjamin Fulford sheds some light on the subject. He says the vessels in that area are looking for gold. Yes, the Chinese gold sunk there in the first half of the 1900s. The same gold that is part of The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit and the same gold that is tied to the liens placed on the twelve branches of the Federal Reserve.

In addition, he claims there is a fleet of eight United States warships in the area participating in the standoff.

What is really going on here?

I don’t know the answer regarding either situation.

Therefore, I’ll continue to write.

Feel free to do your own writing below.