Today’s Crossroad

Tuesday’s article resulted in a brief exchange with David DeGerolamo, from the NC Renegade website. He was the only person in the United States I could find, other than me, who was writing about Monday’s closing of the Russian Trading System (RTS). Therefore, I linked to his site.

I misinterpreted the meaning of one of his articles so he corrected me. (Thanks David!)

Then, we talked more about Russia. Here is what he said.

I believe the lines are being drawn. Based on my information from multiple sources, a combined US/Israeli attack will be made at night on the new moon on May 20th. The US is requesting 2500 private contractors (mercenaries), the intelligence officers were sent to the area 3 weeks ago and the naval forces are in place. Iran has a treaty with Russia so this will quickly spread to a world war if this happens. The point is that war is the only way to postpone the economic collapse.

David isn’t the only one who believes this will happen.

This story from Pakalert Press says Russia already has a response plan in place should Western nations attack Iran.

Many of my other sources think the war will not happen.

However, we all agree with David on one point. War is the only way to postpone the collapse of the current economic system. It has been this way since at least the 1930s.

John Perkins, bestselling author of Confessions of an Economic Hit Man, explains how it works.

As a Chief Economist, I produced impressive reports that appeared legitimate, but my real job was to deceive and plunder the Third World through working as an Economic Hit Man (EHM)

EHMs most common task is to identify countries with resources our corporations covet. Then, we seduce, bribe, and extort their leaders into exploiting their own people–accepting loans the countries can never repay, privatizing their national assets, legalizing the destruction of fragile environments, and finally selling those coveted resources to our corporations at bargain prices. When the leaders resist, they are overthrown or assassinated by CIA-sponsored jackals.

On the few occasion when covert efforts fail, as in Iraq and Afghanistan, the military swings into action.

That country’s assets are used to prop up the fiat financial system we have today. Once that country’s assets are looted, another one is selected.

As I have written previously, Iran is next in line.

Iran has refused to cooperate with the United States and its allies’ economic manipulation. Therefore, economic sanctions have been put in place. Iran is not allowed to trade on the SWIFT system. This means it can’t send dollars electronically. This makes international trade extremely difficult.

Iran has thumbed its nose at these sanctions. It is now allowing other countries, especially those in the BRICS group, to purchase oil with gold.

This does a couple of things.

It avoids the sanctions.

It weakens the United States dollar because the value of the dollar comes from it being the only currency that can purchase oil.

A war in Iran would temporarily enforce the sanctions and temporarily extend the dollar’s relevancy. However, it would only postpone the inevitable.

CrossroadsA new financial system based on equity and not based on debt is around the corner. We can accept this and work to implement it without resistance.

Or, we can resist it and go to war.

What is the peaceful response?