Upsetting My Applecarts

I experienced a wave of energy from an external source at five o’clock this morning. I heard it and felt it. The windows shook. It upset my dreamland applecart.

I figured it was a sonic boom.

My online research confirmed my guess. Local media had advance warning of it.

If you hear a loud boom early Friday morning it’s only a supersonic target launched from 50,000 feet about 30 miles south of Albuquerque breaking the sound barrier as it speeds toward an impact zone at White Sands Missile Range. It’s part of a Navy test for an airborne early warning and control system and should happen between 5 a.m. and 7 a.m.

I read the snippet of info several times because it was the only online mention I could find about this early morning explosion. It was so cryptic that it didn’t really tell me what it was.

As I wrote about the first one, I experienced it again. Like the first one, it was followed by what sounded like the sound of a passenger jet flying overhead. My wife and I went outside to see what we could see.

It looked like an “abnormal airplane” and produced a contrail going north to south.

I came back and read the media description again and realized that the only detail that may have been accurate was the 50,000 feet. I live about ten miles east of Albuquerque. The flight path and the resulting contrail were directly overhead. Obviously, whatever it was originated this part of its flight from northeast of Albuquerque.

I still have no idea what the Navy was really testing and why it had to be done so early in the morning. However, it capped a week that has left my head spinning and, as of this morning, my ears roaring.

Upset ApplecartIt has also upset a lot of my applecarts.

It seems that everywhere I turn; I’m learning that much of what I thought to be true isn’t.

Over the past few weeks, I have read several of John Perkins’ books. Perkins worked as an Economic Hit Man. His insights and experiences provide a solid foundation for understanding how United States corporations have, with the assistance of the United States military, pillaged the natural resources of other countries.

I once thought the United States was the world’s leader in freedom. I thought this nation stood for democracy and individual freedom. Now, I realize that my thoughts had been carefully programmed through my education and the media. The reality is that America hides behind those ideas of freedom while pilfering other countries. This upsets one of my applecarts.

Earlier this week, I listened to a presentation by Judy Wood. Dr. Wood has undergraduate degrees in Civil Engineering and Structural Engineering. She has a master degree in Engineering Mechanics (Applied Physics) and a PhD in Materials Engineering Science. She recently released her book Where Did the Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11.

I am several years past believing that an airplane fuel fire felled the towers. The best explanation I had heard was thermite or bombs. Wood’s work upsets those applecarts by providing volumes of evidence that the World Trade Center Towers were “dustified.”

She doesn’t have evidence that shows who did it and how it was done. However, she does provide enough data to eliminate airplane fuel, thermite, and bombs as possible sources for the destruction of the buildings on that September day in 2001.

Dr. Wood has filed lawsuits in an attempt to present her evidence in a legal environment. However, no judge will give the evidence hearing. It seems that no one is willing to be the next potential target of this “dustification” technology.

If that wasn’t enough, the other pieces of information I encountered this week shook my belief system even more and turned over several other personal applecarts. I’ll write about those in tomorrow’s article.

4 thoughts on “Upsetting My Applecarts

  1. Terry

    I suspect you are busy enough, and I’m happy you are by the way. However, before you recommend Judy Wood’s book, “Where Did The Towers Go? Evidence of Directed Free-energy Technology on 9/11,” too highly you may want to read the “1 star” reviews of it on Amazon and their comments. I read some of them and was dissuaded from purchasing the book based on what I read. But, regardless of my decision and its rationale, thanks for your consistently interesting writings and revelations.

  2. MatthewCCox Post author

    You may want to read my article again. If you do, you will note that I do not recommend or dissuade people from reading books. I look at information and consider whether it is credible. I invite other people to do the same.

    Judy’s presentations raised viable questions and presented enough evidence to cause me to consider it. I am not sure whether I agree with it. Therefore, I do not care whether other people agree with it either. I prefer to think for myself and I am still doing that regarding this matter.

    Terry – I suggest you do the same, rather than making a decision based on what a few naysayers say about something in which you have interest – especially in this case. Judy has received a great deal of criticism because she is willing to look at something from a unique perspective. Interestingly, that criticism, like yours, doesn’t address the facts she presents. Instead, it only criticizes.

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