The World’s Biggest Applecart

What we believe determines what we say and what we do. Therefore, if we are to understand how we got to where we are as a society, we need to identify those beliefs. Then, if we want to change our society, we will need to change our beliefs.

This is why I have taken several days to talk about upsetting and resetting applecarts (belief systems). I know that evaluating belief systems is a critical part of conscious living. To me, it feels like spring cleaning for the soul.

Yesterday, I took a look at how my belief system concerning 9/11 has evolved over the years. This article continues that look.

I believe our perception of 9/11 will determine how we vote in the upcoming elections. It will determine whether we participate in the new financial system with resistance or acceptance.

In fact, I have observed that one’s perception of that day often determines a person’s entire world view.

Therefore, it is critical to understand what happened that day….

…and what didn’t happen.

This brings me back to Judy Wood’s work.

World Trade Center dustDr. Wood’s presentations of the information from 9/11 is methodical and thorough. (If you want to see them for yourself, search her name on YouTube. There are numerous videos of her presentations.) She points out that the twin towers transformed into powder. She shows videos of building parts changing to dust on the way to the ground. She shows images of automobiles that spontaneously caught fire that day, some of them on the opposite side of Manhattan.

This mystery of the buildings turning to powder is not unfamiliar to those who followed this story. This video from mainstream media contains numerous questions about what happened to the hundreds of thousands of tons of building materials that converted into powder before landing on the ground.

Judy’s presentation, using The Socratic Method, eliminates many of the initial ideas about 9/11. For example, if bombs, thermite, or fire had felled the towers, there would have been a pile of building materials left.

There wasn’t.

There was only powder and paper.

Even though Dr. Wood only presents information, she certainly has her critics. In fact, when I first mentioned her name on this website, a comment showed up, almost immediately, criticizing her work. This detractor pointed me to a discussion group where a heated debate was taking place over whether or not Judy’s conclusions were valid.

As I reviewed the discussion, I realized those people hadn’t read or listened to her work. Or, if they had, they didn’t understand it.

They were claiming Dr. Wood’s conclusions are unsupportable. However, Judy doesn’t draw conclusions. She asks questions, based on the evidence, to help the listener form his or her own opinions.

Other critics say the buildings could not have fallen the way she says they fell.

Dr. Wood’s response is to ask if the buildings are still there. After all, she is only observing what happened.

The more I studied the evidence presented by Dr. Wood, the more I came to realize that we don’t know exactly what caused the buildings to fall. Judy admits that she doesn’t know either. She just knows that, based on the evidence, it wasn’t fire, thermite, or bombs.

Therefore, it must be something else.

The exploration of this something else must take place if we are to understand the ramifications surrounding this pivotal point in our modern history.

I will continue this exploration tomorrow.