Exploring the Signs

If the World Trade Center towers were not taken down by fire, thermite, or bombs, what caused them to disappear?

Based on the evidence I have seen and the technology I know about, I don’t know.

Dr. Judy Wood says she doesn’t know either. However, she describes this technology’s capabilities.

World Trade CenterIt is capable of pulverizing steel, marble, granite, glass, concrete, and carbon-based life forms. It is not capable of pulverizing paper.

It causes automobiles to spontaneously combust. However, the damage to some vehicles may be resisted by rubber seals on doors.

It produces glowing metal not hot enough to burn paper. In addition, it produces high energy readings that some instruments record as incredibly high temperatures. However, rescuers are able to work in those conditions without experiencing the recorded heat.

Dr. Wood is careful not to draw conclusions about what it is. However, she provides information about laboratory experiments and patents that replicate similar results. These include videos and documents that describe the “Hutchison Effect,” a phenomenon researched by John Hutchison.

As I listened to Judy’s presentations, reviewed her documents, and looked at the pictures, I thought to myself, “This sounds like Tesla-type technology.”

DISCLAIMER: This was MY thought. Please don’t say I’m saying Judy Wood said this. She didn’t. In fact, Judy has been careful to talk only about technologies that have been patented or can be recreated in demonstrations. This is why she often talks about George Samuel Piggott’s work (It is patented.) or references John Hutchison (He is still alive.).

As I was mulling over the implications, a link to this story from the Idaho Observer showed up in one of my subscribed blog feeds. The article describes the relationship between Nikola Tesla and George H. Scherf Sr.

Scherf was Tesla’s accountant and business manager. He was also a German spy, assigned by Hitler to swipe Tesla’s technology for Germany’s use.

(On a side note, Scherf’s son, George Jr. was a curious and obnoxious little man and, according to the article, provided the inspiration for the name of a children’s cartoon character, “Curious George.” Apparently, Tesla was an acquaintance of H. A. and Margret Rey.)

When Tesla died, Scherf ended up with Tesla’s writings and technologies. It is unclear if Hitler benefitted from this information. However, it may have served a purpose for the Scherf family.

The reason I say this is, according to the Idaho Observer, somewhere along the line, Scherf Sr. changed his first name to Prescott and the family changed their last name to Bush.

Prescott’s son, AKA George Scherf Jr. (Curious George), AKA George H. Bush, served as head of the CIA, Vice-President to United States President Ronald Reagan, and the 41st President of the United States.

Prescott’s grandson, George H. W. Bush was the 43rd President of the United States and was in office on 9/11. Most of us remember the absence of shock on his face when he first heard news that the towers had fallen.

Is it possible that he didn’t look surprised because he wasn’t surprised?

Is it possible that the Bush family had access to Tesla’s technology?

Is it possible they helped develop it for use on 9/11?

I compared the picture of the Scherfs in the Idaho Observer article with pictures of Prescott and George H Bush. There were enough similarities for me to say it was possible the Scherfs were the Bushes. In addition, the numerous contradictions in the history of the Bushes, as documented in the footnotes of the article, certainly leave a lot of holes in Prescott’s childhood.

Of course, this is pure speculation on my part. I’m only looking at the observations made by Judy Wood, commenting on an article written in the Idaho Observer, and making a possible connection because this information showed up in my life at the same time.

Did it really happen this way?

I don’t know. I don’t have enough evidence to prove it.

Is it worth consideration?

I believe it is because it coincides with my personal philosophy of following the signs that show up in my life.

What is the peaceful response?

I won’t panic. I won’t jump to conclusions. Instead, I will continue to evaluate this idea based on other information that shows up in my life.

…and a lot of information has shown up in my life over the past week or so.

I’ll start writing about that tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Exploring the Signs

  1. Terry


    I am the so-called “detractor” who wrote to you on 4/27 about some of the Amazon reviews of Dr. Judy Wood’s book, “Where Did The Towers Go? [etc]” While I disagree with your label of me, I can see how my comment could easily have been misinterpreted. And, I admit that what I wrote lacked an informed foundation. I apologize for that. As I said I would in my comment to your reply to my initial note, I’ve done some more research and am a bit more informed now.

    What is my conclusion? I think Dr. Wood’s quite credible work raises some substantial questions about the 9/11 occurrence, as well as the conclusions reached by the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth (I may have their organization’s name wrong) that the WTC buildings were brought down by a controlled demolition that utilized the substance known as thermite.

    I obtained a mechanical engineering degree in 1970 and, even though I never embarked upon an engineering career, I never lost my interest in the field of engineering of all types. This is why, no doubt, that the very first time I saw WTC Towers 1 & 2 fall, I thought to myself “something is not right here.” Consequently, over the years, I’ve studied a lot of so-called “conspiracy-type” information and was pleased when the A/E’s organization offered a seemingly “provable” scientific explanation. This is also why, when you mentioned Dr. Wood’s book in your 4/27 post, of which I’d never heard, I rushed to Amazon.com to see about buying a copy of it.

    When you quite correctly suggested, in response to my 4/27 comment, that I needed to do some more research, I took it to heart. I spent some time yesterday and today assimilating substantially all of the Amazon.com “thread” of comments about Dr. Wood’s book, looking at YouTube videos, and listening to Internet interviews of Dr. Wood. I don’t pretend to be anything more than an interested layperson relative to the substance of the ongoing debate between Dr. Wood’s and the A/E’s supporters. However, I do think, that there are many legitimate questions raised in the debate that should be answered. I have to say, though, that in some of what I saw on video today, one of the A/E founding members (Dr. Stephen Jones) behaved somewhat less than professionally when talking about Dr. Wood’s work. (See an 11-minute YouTube video entitled something like “Why Did Dr. Stephen Jones Laugh, etc.?”) This disappointed me. On the other hand, I watched a 2-part , semi-recent video of Dr. Wood speaking in the UK, which set forth very well (with lots of photos) and very accessibly the foundation for her questioning of the so-called “party line” surrounding the 9/11 occurrence. (See “Dr. Judy Wood in the UK, [etc.],” Parts 1 & 2, 10/24/11.)

    It was toward the end of Part 2 of this latter video that Dr. Wood addressed one of the prime points of contention in the ongoing supporters’ debate between the Dr. Wood and the A/E’s camps. That is, the presence of thermite in the dust left on the ground in the footprints of the WTC’s several collapsed buildings. This was one of the reasons I chose a more recent YouTube video of her: I too was a bit mystified by her book’s apparent failure to address this issue directly. She did so in this video. She also expressed, I think, one plausible although general explanation for the A/E’s contention that the existence of precise, and apparently heated, cuttings of structural steel showed the probable use of thermite; i.e., what I believe is the so-called Hutchison Effect.

    I’m not saying that one side of this debate is right or wrong. I simply believe that the questions raised by both sides are worthy of debate. I think Dr. Wood’s intention from the beginning was to raise such questions, although some of her “detractors” (if I may use the word) characterize her as being evasive, slippery even, with her refusal to call her questioning of what happened a “theory.”

    What troubles me the most about this situation is that apparently neither Dr. Wood nor the A/E’s group seem really to want to debate the matter. There’s been a good deal of “entrenchment” of positions and ad hominem sniping on both sides from what I can see. This strikes me as both odd and counterproductive. And, it makes me wonder who benefits the most from this “stand off.”

    As far as I can tell, delaying a rational debate protects only one faction involved here: Whoever is responsible by design and deed for the destruction of the WTC buildings. There has even been a suggestion by the A/E’s camp that Dr. Wood is merely a disinformation agent whose grossly non-specific “theory” is designed to do nothing more than confuse things and pit the now-existent factions of the “ 9/11 truth movement” against each other so as to create a “divide and conquer” scenario. If one believes that there is really a “dark cabal” bent upon taking over the world as soon as possible, this prolonging the “debate” seems to make sense. This is indeed troubling. And yet, I can’t help but wonder too whether we’ll ever be able to make any sense of this whole immensely complex event. Perhaps we can only hope that those who predict an imminent and world-wide revelation of the “dark” entities, ET and otherwise, responsible for all of humanity’s toils and troubles are correct. I guess I’m trouble because I’d still like to see an explanation of it all right here and now in 3D.

  2. MatthewCCox Post author


    Thanks for your thorough and well-written reply. I apologize for mislabeling you a couple of days ago. I see now that you, like me, are searching for answers.

    I’m grateful you took the time to research the information for yourself. You have earned my respect for your efforts. In fact, your comment was a refreshing way to end my work day.

    Keep searching my friend. It is people like you who will find the answers we seek as we transition to our peaceful world.


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