The Indigestion of Truth

I wrote yesterday that if we accept Michael Ruppert’s assertions that the CIA was complicit in the 9/11 attacks and we agree with Judy Wood that the twin towers were turned to powder by something other than fire, bombs, or thermite, we have a problem that solves itself.

The problem is that we are running out of petroleum resources. The solution is the energy technology that caused the building to disappear.

If this is the case, I would expect us to be jumping up and down at the good news proclaiming, “The world’s energy problems are solved! Long live free energy!”

However, we are not.

Upset stomachWe know that if we substantiate Ruppert’s writings and Wood’s research, we imply many other things must be true too. Those things are difficult to stomach.

For example, if the CIA planned the attacks on 9/11, one would have to wrestle with the following facts:

  • A United States intelligence agency killed more than three thousand American citizens on American soil. This resulted in a long-term war on foreign soil that killed 1.5 Million Iraqis. This doesn’t count those killed in other countries.
  • One of the motivations for these deaths was acquiring the control of Middle Eastern oil wells.
  • Another motivation was to prevent the new Taliban leadership from restricting heroin trade out of Afghanistan.
  • A third motivation was to create business opportunities for military and industrial corporations through first, destroying those countries and then, rebuilding them. Since the destruction included acts that would cause emotional upset to those nations’ citizens, the military would need to stay in place to protect those doing the rebuilding.

As a United States citizen, those things are difficult for me to stomach.

They indicate that our country’s government is involved in killing for the sake of oil and drugs. They demonstrate that the drug trade is important to our government. This raises questions.

Questions such as:

  • What else will the CIA do on American soil?
  • Is the CIA bringing drugs into the United States?
  • Is this being done to fund the CIA through the selling of drugs?
  • Is this being done to support the prison industry through the enforcement of drug laws?
  • Is this being done to create cash reserves for banks through the laundering of drug money?
  • What would happen to the banks if they didn’t have this cash?

Emotionally and psychologically, this is difficult to stomach.

If a secret energy technology was used on the towers, a person would have to accept the following facts:

  • Someone, either within or without the United States government, has a weapon so powerful that it can surgically remove the world’s tallest buildings.
  • The energy in this weapon literally changes the composition of certain materials. Not only does it turn building materials into powder. It also causes automobiles to rust, almost instantly.
  • This energy could be used for positive purposes such as the production of electricity. However, it has been hidden while we attempt to continue to run the world’s electricity using petrol.

This raises questions such as:

  • Who controls this energy?
  • What is it?
  • Why is it being hidden?

Emotionally and psychologically, this is difficult to stomach too.

However, if we all agreed that Ruppert’s well-documented conclusions are accurate and if we all saw what Judy Wood shows us is obvious, we would have to look at all of those things.

This would be difficult, extremely difficult, to stomach.

This explains, at least partially, why many people won’t look at this information. They won’t even consider it.

They are afraid they will discover it is true.

Then, they would have to respond.

If you have a knot in your stomach, you know exactly what I mean.

3 thoughts on “The Indigestion of Truth

  1. Terry

    Matt wrote today:

    Questions such as:

    . . .
    Is this being done to support the prison industry through the enforcement of drug laws?

    Shortly after I read that, just by chance (I guess) I read an anonymous “whistleblowers” piece of writing at:

    It was “difficult to stomach” indeed.

    And, as someone else pointed out to me: This is precisely the kind of “disclosure” that is in store for us sooner than we can now imagine.

    I expect there’ll be a lot of knots in our stomachs in the coming days.

    On the other hand, as Matt does in this blog all the time, why not look at the good side? Speaking for myself, this piece of writing definitely caused me to look at rap music through a different lens. I’ve never resonated with it, to be sure, but this truly made me feel that “we are all one.” The knot in my stomach loosened a little.

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