The Abundance Plan

Even with my decision to accept the evidence I’ve written about over the past couple of weeks, I find myself slipping into my old way of thinking.

Consciously, I’ve accepted the evidence.

Subconsciously, I’ve discovered that my programming from education, religion, and mainstream media continues to influence me. The smoothness and professionalism of years of information bounce within my head, even as I realize that much of it was presented for the purpose of hiding the truth.

Now that I’m willing to accept the evidence, I’m obsessed with reviewing it for accuracy, understanding it, and considering the implications. (After all, we can’t respond to news and life from a peaceful perspective unless we know what it taking place.)

Therefore, for the next few articles, I’m going to write about the details of how an increasing number of people are saying we need to correct our current situation.

I’m not asking you to agree with this plan.

I am encouraging you to become informed because, if this plan is successfully implemented, the peace of our world – and possibly your survival – depends upon as many people as possible understanding these events.

AbundanceFrom this point forward, I’ll call it “The Abundance Plan” or “TAP” for short. This name resonates with me and is congruent with my personal philosophy that there is more than enough for everyone. If TAP is successfully implemented, we will obviously see the truth of this reality.

Today, I look at the sources of information for TAP. In subsequent articles, I’ll summarize the plans and write about why they are necessary. The story is fascinating and ongoing.

The links in this list take you to each person’s website.

David Wilcock, who lives in California, is a scientific researcher, whistleblower reporter, writer, author, and speaker. I’ve noticed that when a story breaks, he has the persistence to write the story, get the interview, and provide painstaking details.

Reading his articles is like drinking from a fire hydrant. I often have to go back and re-read his writings. In doing this, I find that what was tedium the first time through is necessary detail on the second or third read.

Benjamin Fulford lives in Japan. He is a former Forbes Magazine Asian Editor and currently serves as an independent reporter on the global financial reset. He writes a weekly post every Monday and charges a modest fee for accessing it.

Bill Wood/Brockbrader claims to be a former Navy Seal assigned to remotely control tomahawk missiles launched into Iraq at soft targets during times when the United States was not at war with Iraq. His recent publicity has forced him into an undisclosed location. He is one of the spokespeople for former and current military and law enforcement members who are implementing TAP.

The other spokesperson for TAP is known as Drake. He lives in the Appalachian Mountains. Drake is a Vietnam vet committed to establishing a world where “He will never have to consider using a gun again.”

Lately, he has been speaking the most. He first appeared on Freedom Reigns Radio Show to explain part of the lawful logic for TAP. Since then, he has spoken to military and law enforcement about their role in TAP and explained how TAP will take place.

His shows sparked so much interest that Freedom Reigns had to partner with Wolf Spirit Radio on subsequent shows to handle the necessary bandwidth for his internet radio shows.

Winston Shrout is a legal teacher. He is not an attorney. He was the first person I heard of when a local attorney introduced me to the concept of the “straw man” and the sovereignty movement. His credibility increased tremendously this week when I heard David Wilcock interview him and discovered Shrout’s role in TAP.

Neil Keenan and Keith Scott are international businessmen who are claimants in the Trillion Dollar Lawsuit filed by Asia’s Dragon Family last November. The interview at this link (it starts about halfway down the page) explains a great deal about the lawsuit and why it is necessary.

In addition, they are the ones who recently initiated the liens against the twelve branches of The Federal Reserve and related international banks.

Although Keenan and Scott primarily had business interests in mind when they initiated the lawsuit, they now understand that the results of their suit and their subsequent actions could be the kingpin in lawfully executing TAP.

These are the main players in TAP.

Tomorrow, I’ll explain the logistics of TAP, as I understand them.

Today’s image is part of Melanie Weidner’s Passion of the Earth Project.

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