Preparing for TAP

I used yesterday’s article to list the players in what I call “The Abundance Plan” (TAP).

What I didn’t say in that article was that I initially learned of these people through a variety of sources. Then, I watched as they found one another and began to coordinate their efforts to work together on TAP.

I recognize The Law of Attraction at work in their lives. I believe this verifies their message.

Even though each person’s perspective may be slightly different from the other, each person’s goal is to create prosperity and world peace. This is the primary reason they interest me.

Abundance PlanIn addition, the longer I study TAP, the more I understand it. The more I understand it, the more it resonates with me. My sense is that TAP is about to receive “the green light.” When it does, things will change dramatically. The size of this event will feel like 9/11 or, for those who are old enough to remember it, the JFK assassination.

(NOTE: I’ve provided a summary of background material about TAP in other articles on this site. David Wilcock’s website has much more detailed information. If you are reading my writing for the first time, I encourage you to use those sources to do your research. I will use future articles to review and update this information.)

(ANOTHER NOTE: Until TAP is implemented, I have other work responsibilities that require my time. Therefore, I only write one 500-700 word article each day. Once I receive word that TAP has started, I will devote most of my work day to writing about it.)

For today, I believe the priority is preparedness.

Here is the latest information, as I understand it, and what we can do to prepare.

There will soon be an enforcement action taken against The Federal Reserve and related international banks. This action will close down those banks. This will force fiat currencies and all related debt to devalue to zero.

It will also result in the arrests of numerous people who have run this system.

There will be a warning issued 24 hours prior to this action. I have networked with those who will make this announcement. I will re-post it on this website.

Once this action has begun, bank products and services such as credit cards, debit cards, and electronic transfers will not be available. These will remain unavailable during a transitory time as a new economic system is put into place.

Utility services should operate during this time. This includes electricity, gas, phone, cable, internet, water, and sanitation.

Of course, if you are a regular reader of this site, you know that this information isn’t new. I have been writing about it for several months.

However, what IS new is that I have seen news stories, both in mainstream media and in other sources, over the past few days that indicate most, if not all, of the pieces are in place for this to happen.

My sense is that this will happen in May and could happen this week.

Please understand this a hunch based on my research and my putting together of the pieces. No one else has publicly announced a date for this action.

What is the peaceful response?

  1. Maintain Peace of Mind so you can connect with your intuition and make wise decisions.
  2. Become informed through knowing what is taking place and why.
  3. Stockpile 2-4 weeks of basic necessities. This includes food, water, paper supplies, and Federal Reserve Notes. (Even though FRNs will eventually be worth nothing, you should be able to trade them for basic supplies during this transition.)
  4. Maintain a full tank of gas and be ready to travel if necessary, especially if you live in an urban area.

I will explain why I believe these are prudent acts and what recent news stories have to say about this during tomorrow’s article.

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