Putting Together the Pieces of TAP

Jigsaw PuzzleI love puzzles.

I sometimes spend my free time putting together large, several-thousand piece, jigsaw puzzles. The little pieces form one part of the puzzle, then another. Those two parts grow until I find a way to connect them. Then, I work on a third part and find a way to connect it to the big picture.

Every connection brings a sense of satisfaction and resolution.

I’m experiencing those feelings about The Abundance Plan (TAP) as I gain understanding about what is just around the corner.

Today, I explain why I feel this way.

Let’s start by looking at the statements I made in yesterday’s article (in italics) followed by a brief explanation of each statement. The explanations are the pieces of the puzzle I have discovered in my research. They come from a variety of sources. For the sake of continuity, I have not provided links in this article. You may find those links in previous articles. If you have a specific question about this info, please email me through the contact page or post in the comment section below this article.

There will soon be an enforcement action taken against The Federal Reserve and related international banks. This action will close down those banks. This will force fiat currencies and all related debt to devalue to zero.

This enforcement action is the direct result of The Dragon Family lawsuit (I’ve often called this The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit) which claims the gold used as the initial basis for the world’s currencies has been stolen by The Fed and related international banks. These banks have made settlement offers to the The Dragon Family. These insufficient offers have been rejected.

Neil Keenan and Keith Scott, the plaintiffs in this suit, have placed liens on these banks. Their advisor, Winston Shrout, has used this technique many times to receive remedy. Now, he is assisting Keenan and Scott with using it at the highest level.

The banks are unable to pay the funds owed and unable to dispute the underlying affidavits for the liens. Therefore, they are bankrupt and must close.

The enforcement action is the closure of these banks. It will be done by mercenaries.

In this case, those mercenaries work for the Pentagon and The United States Marshalls Office.

It will also result in the arrests of numerous people who have run this system.

The arrest list includes many familiar names. In some cases, it may include those we do not expect to be arrested. In other cases, those we think should be arrested will not be. Explanations will be provided as people are arrested.

There will be a warning issued 24 hours prior to this action. I have networked with those who will make this announcement. I will re-post it on this website.

An encrypted message will be sent to hand-selected recipients prior to initiation of the enforcement action. Some people have called this “Operation Green Light.” I have not been able to confirm this name. This message will arrive 24-48 hours prior to the start of the arrests.

At this point, those who are familiar with TAP are asked to inform as many people as possible so that this action will go as smoothly as possible. I will perform this service through this website. There will be a significant increase in articles from Peace of Mind News when I receive this message.

Once this action has begun, bank products and services such as credit cards, debit cards, and electronic transfers will not be available. These will remain unavailable during a transitory time as a new economic system is put into place.

Since the temporary shutdown of the banking system is necessary for this action, it is obvious that any bank-related activities cannot take place. There is a new system in the background, ready to go. The time it will take for this to be operational is estimated to be three days to two weeks.

Utility services should operate during this time. This includes electricity, gas, phone, cable, internet, water, and sanitation.

Presidential Executive Orders allow control of all utility systems in the case of an emergency. These powers will be used to keep all utilities functioning. In fact, this is a vital and necessary part of the plan. I’ll say more about this in a couple of days.

Tomorrow, I’ll look at the preparedness steps I suggested yesterday and why they are important.