TAP Preparedness Steps

Over the past several days, I’ve written about what I call The Abundance Plan (TAP). I continue that topic today by explaining why each preparedness step I listed a couple of days ago is important.

1. Maintain Peace of Mind so you can connect with your intuition and make wise decisions.

Abundance of LoveIntuition is how we connect to God. This is called prayer by some people. It is called meditation by others. It works best when our hearts and minds are still.

When we respond to challenging situations with panic and adrenaline, we often don’t hear the instructions from that connection. Or, if we do hear them, we don’t trust them.

If we practice peaceful living today, we will be better prepared to live peacefully in circumstances that are more difficult. Peace of Mind Resources are available through The Peace of Mind Training Institute.

2. Become informed through knowing what is taking place and why.

The enforcement action of mass arrests that I mentioned yesterday may appear to be the implementation of martial law. There have been numerous warnings issued by whistleblower and watchdog groups that say government dissenters and other undesirables will be rounded up and placed into FEMA camps.

I am not disputing these groups’ claims. I have found evidence that says there is a plan in place to do this. In fact, that is one of the reasons those associated with TAP are taking these steps. They believe the survival of the world’s population may depend upon this enforcement action.

My opinion is that things are coming to a head and something will take place. Everything I read points to it. The question remains as to who will initiate the action.

Martial law and mass arrests may look and feel the same. The only way we can tell the difference is to be informed and watch closely.

3. Stockpile 2-4 weeks of basic necessities. This includes food, water, paper supplies, and Federal Reserve Notes. (Even though FRNs will eventually be worth nothing, you should be able to trade them for basic supplies during this transition.)

The goal is to survive during the transition phase. Those who are implementing TAP say things should go smoothly. However, they also say this is similar to war and there may be obstacles. There will certainly be surprises.

If citizens believe TAP is the implementation of martial law, they may resist it. This could cause the transition to take longer than two weeks.

I suggest purchasing groceries with credit cards and storing cash (FRNs) in a safe place. If this event doesn’t happen when forecast, you can use the cash to pay the credit cards. If the event happens, you will have both cash and food.

I recommend having extra supplies for neighbors and those who may not have known to prepare. Many people may know about TAP and not believe it to be true. Others may simply be uninformed. Sharing resources provides an opportunity to education others about having a peaceful response.

An alternative for FRNs is gold or silver. However, I believe FRNs will be accepted during the transition because they will possibly be the only item readily available to use for trade. In addition, there will be an exchange rate for FRNs and the new currency.

4. Maintain a full tank of gas and be ready to travel if necessary, especially if you live in an urban area.

Large population centers have a greater potential for misunderstandings and possibly riots. Therefore, moving temporarily to a less-populated area (possibly even going camping) may be necessary during the transition. Other options include sharing space and resources with friends or family members that live in a less populated area.

Of course, any plan to travel should include go-bags with first aid supplies,  food, water, and clothing.

Now that I’ve covered the basics of what is happening and how to prepare for it, I’m ready to go into detail about TAP. Some of the information I have received over the past few days sheds light on issues I asked in previous articles.

I found the information fascinating and enlightening. I’ll share it tomorrow.