A Necessary Change

I am often asked if TAP or martial law or anything like it has to happen. The most common way I hear this question is, “Why can’t we just continue under the current financial system? Isn’t it working OK the way it is?”

On the surface, this is a valid question.

Underneath, it is a revealing question.

Those who ask it have never experienced being bullied by law enforcement or military. Those who ask it have not looked closely at the facts surrounding 9/11. Those who ask it have not honestly determined why it was necessary to kill more than a million people in retaliation for 9/11. Those who ask it have not looked carefully at any of the wars in the past one hundred years.

I’ve covered these topics previously. A simple examination of the facts indicates there is an underlying agenda at work. This agenda is tied to our financial system.

Underneath, it is a naïve question.

Those who ask it do not understand accounting principles.

I don’t intend to be condescending when I say this. I spent years working as an accountant and tax preparer before I wrapped my brain around this information.

Crippled Piggy BankQuite simply, accounting principles do not allow the current financial system to sustain itself.

Our government, like people often do, uses crises as an excuse to make poor financial decisions. We assume the future will be more prosperous than the present. Therefore, it is easy to justify borrowing money to make extravagant expenditures.

Eventually, the bills come due.

Each manufactured crisis provides an excuse to borrow more money. We borrow enough to handle the present disaster and enough to pay the old bills.

When there is no more money to borrow, the current system allows The Fed to create more. This increases the overall money supply. It reduces the value of each dollar, raising the price of everything in the marketplace. In effect, it levies a tax on everyone who buys products.

Like a rubber band stretched too tightly, this system is about to break.

The news over the past few days confirms this.

Yesterday’s headlines featured Thursday evening’s announcement by JP Morgan that they recently lost two billion dollars through sloppy credit trades in their hedge funds. These funds are supposed to reduce their credit risk, not increase it.

By the end of the day Friday, Fitch had reduced JP Morgan’s credit rating. Many financial experts believe this is the beginning of the end for JP Morgan. If this mega-bank falls, it will take others with it.

This week’s news from Europe tells us their economic situation is hanging by a thread.

The Dollar is intricately linked to the Euro. If Europe falls, this will accelerate the situation in the United States.

This brings us back to the original question.

“Why can’t we just continue under the current financial system? Isn’t it working OK the way it is?”

The reason we cannot continue under the current system is because the system is injured. It is walking with a severe limp on legs that cannot be repaired. It is not working OK the way it is.

The continual inflation means financially responsible people must spend more hours making money. This reduces the time available for other activities and creates a domino effect of neglect. Many of us are so busy making money that we don’t realize the other parts of our world are deteriorating.

This system has served its purpose. It has gotten us to here.

Now, we can do better than this.

It is time to discard our current financial system and institute a new one.

Our acceptance of this fact will allow us to transition peacefully.