Riding the Momentum

Momentum waveMomentum for ending The Federal Reserve system is building on several fronts.

Protestors are calling for the end of The Fed because it doesn’t work for everyone.

Watchdogs say ending The Fed is the only way to stop the corruption.

Spiritual teachers visualize ending The Fed because they believe it is a step towards creating unity.

Members of the United States Congress are calling for ending The Fed too. The article linked here reports on a Subcommittee on Domestic Monetary Policy hearing that took place last Tuesday where alternative economic systems were discussed.

What will it take to reach the tipping point for this change?

There are indicators that we are almost there.

Spiritual teachers and lightworkers say we are currently in a time that is conducive to change because of the alignment of heavily bodies.

Last Saturday, Earth experienced a perigee full Moon.

An annular solar eclipse will take place, Sunday, May 20. Richard Hoagland believes this is so important that he has scheduled a special internet event.

Venus transits the sun on June 5 and 6 (depending upon location).

The alignment of celestial bodies is often tied to historic events. Hoagland has produced a great deal of documentation on this phenomenon. To the casual observer, this seems like so much coincidence. Hoagland implies that many of these events are well-planned ceremony.

This month’s heavenly events appear to set the celestial stage for change.

This is true on the terrestrial stage too.

The Group of Eight (G8) Summit takes place at Camp David on May 18 and 19.

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) meets in Chicago on the 20th and 21st.

Rumors are flying that The Fed will be discussed during these meetings. More specifically, an announcement may be made. Like I said, these are rumors.

There are confirmed stories that numerous protests are planned for the NATO meetings. The Occupy Movement, union groups, and many others will be there.

So will the military.

Sections of the city have been declared a “Red Zone” on the ground and a no-fly zone has been established for a portion of the city. The no-fly zone is serious business. It is backed by a shoot to kill order.

The Red Cross in Milwaukee, ninety miles to the north, has been told to prepare to receive evacuations from Chicago.

In fact, the entire Chicago area seems to be preparing for “something big to go down.”

Naysayers continue to tell me the change to a new financial system will usher in riots and martial law. They tell me that a new financial system will give those in power more control. They are afraid that events in Chicago, including protests, an announcement about The Fed, or some kind of false flag/martial law event could be disastrous.

I understand that going through a transition can be scary.

Even though I live in a rural area, I am less than an hour from two nuclear laboratories, an Air Force Base, and a population of more than a million people. I realize that things could become very intense very quickly.

However, responding with fear is not how we get through this.

Opposing the change is not how we get through this.

Instead, we see the opportunity for change.

We prepare for it.

We visualize a peaceful transition.

We trust that we can ride the momentum of this time into a brighter future and an economy that works for all.

Are you with me on this?

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