Facing Our Fears on The Road to Abundance

Facing FearIf you are a new reader on this website, you may wonder what my big picture view is for all of these scenarios I’ve written about over the past couple of weeks. You may wonder why I call one scenario The Abundance Plan (TAP) when it contains drama such as potential martial law, mass arrests, and the collapse of our current financial system including the complete devaluation of currencies.

This article explains that.

I believe that humanity’s reality consists of the following:

  • Living within the moment without a past story
  • Living life by following the signs
  • Experiencing pure potential where anything is possible
  • Experiencing the reality of being connected to everything else because we are all one

Within this reality, we are free to experience miracles, love, abundance, and peace.

All else is just an illusion.

Therefore, I become excited about anything that helps remove the illusions so we can more clearly see the reality.

For example, I believe each individual may experience abundance no matter what is going on with the economy. However, many people perceive that our current economic situation is an obstacle to this abundance. Removing this obstacle makes abundance easier to experience.

One step on this road to abundance is to do away with the fiat currencies such as the Dollar and Euro. We have been conditioned to believe these are real assets even when we innately know they are not.

This game-playing with fake money tells us we are poor. A person may be experiencing the fullness of abundance in all areas and still feel poor because he knows the money is his bank account and in his pocket is not a real asset.

This is why I write about what some see as fearful stories. These include articles about The Dragon Family Lawsuit (AKA The Trillion Dollar Lawsuit) and the potential arrests of Illuminati bankers.

This is why I write about new stories like this one in India where a lawsuit has been filed by a citizen petitioning the government to bring India’s gold back within its borders.

Worldwide abundance requires trade based on real assets. Fake currency may be manipulated by The Fed because it is based on debt. Furthermore, the only way to sustain fake currency it is to increase debt, through never-ending growth. This process is wasteful. It creates inflation.

It produces today’s situation where, to make ends meet, the vast majority of the population must spend most of its time in revenue-producing activities.

This hinders abundance.

Therefore, things must change.

Because mankind has a history of not choosing the most peaceful path to change, change has become associated with fear.

We must face this fear to continue on the road of abundance.

To do this, we must consider the various scenarios for ending the current financial system, including one that I call “TAP.” Of all the scenarios I have reviewed, I believe it is the most peaceful way to make the change that I believe is necessary for every person to easily experience abundance.

My hope is that the transition for the old to the new will be completely peaceful. I realize it may not be.

Therefore, I attempt to explain what is happening so we will accept the change. We will realize it is a step towards abundance… and love and peace.

My purpose for writing about these things is NOT to create arguments or fear. My purpose is not to endorse one political candidate over another.

I respond to news stories, as reported by various sources, while looking for signs that humanity is recognizing our true reality and creating positive change.

Tomorrow, I’ll continue this process.