Recognizing that each person creates his or her own economy

Editor’s Note

I believe finance is the area that concerns humanity the most because we understand it the least. Due to certain philosophical beliefs, society functions from a perspective of scarcity rather than from a perspective of abundance. This causes numerous issues and produces traumas.

In addition, since many news agencies operate from a perspective of scarcity, their financial reporting aggravates these traumas. Peace of Mind News reports on these issues from a peaceful perspective while giving a clear evaluation of how they impact us individually.

This perspective comes from my following experiences:

  • more than thirty years’ experience preparing taxes, doing accounting, and providing financial advice
  • being licensed to sell stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and insurance
  • running several businesses, including one that grossed a million dollars in its first year
  • having some of those businesses fail and understanding why they failed
  • investing in more than a million dollars in real estate
  • having significant financial success during what many called the most difficult financial time in history.

Current financial indicators point to significant financial changes on the horizon. Many financial experts believe the American economy will collapse. Because of America’s economic influence, they believe this will ignite a collapse of the world’s economic system.

We tell you what this means for you and give you the perspective that allows you not only to survive, but to thrive, during these turbulent times. And, if the so-called “financial experts” are wrong and the economy does not collapse, our perspective will work for you in less turbulent times too.

Here are a few of the financial topics we discuss on Peace of Mind News

  • Traditional retirement accounts, including Social Security, are the worst place to put your money if you want to retire comfortably.
  • Those who control the United States Government want to increase government debt because it is not a liability to them
  • Alleged financial corruption at the highest levels doesn’t impact most individuals

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