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Editor’s Note

The technology available at the beginning of the 21st Century has created a world connected by the internet, cable television, and wireless video, audio, and text. These capabilities, unleashed on almost seven billion people, demand an infrastructure tailored for unity. Lines of nationalism, patriotism, race, and religion are becoming blurry as our society recognizes we are all part of a greater whole.

In spite of this obvious evolution, there are many who believe that religious, judicial, and political control must be maintained by institutions. This is done when politicians and religious officials pass laws which give them the power to control those who disagree with them. This is done when judges make rulings that strip away what many would call “God-given individual freedoms and rights.” This is done when those with weapons enforce their will upon others with complete disregard for the basic rights of others.

This conflict between those who sense the need for unity and those want to maintain the old-line institutional thought is at the heart of all 21st Century battles.

I see two possible solutions for humanity

  1. We understand that unity is the only path to peace and we pursue it without distraction.
  2. We continue to fight over this issue until we destroy our society and our world.

Articles in this section will highlight this struggle between polarization and unity.

Of course, there is the possibility that something larger than humanity will bring another solution. We highlight those in the Future section of this website

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