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Evaluating the Signs

Let’s review.

Over the past several weeks, I have stumbled across three stories. Initially, these stories came from three different sources. Then, they were verified by others.

The stories are:

  1. David Hudson, an Arizona dirt farmer, discovers monoatomic residue while treating his land.
  2. A temple/workshop in Egypt leaves behind evidence of a smelting process that produces monoatomic products.
  3. Researchers find a cave in Arizona with a large temple/workshop area used for smelting and a cache of unidentified metal.

These stories came to me as I was researching the reasons for gold’s value.

Evaluating the SignsThese stories came to me in response to the theory that there is a spiritual connection between Egypt and the Southwestern United States.

These stories point to a controversial powder that could explain gold’s value and the spiritual connection between the two regions.

This monoatomic powder is what some people call ORMEs (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements).

ORMEs are produced via an alchemical process that turns precious metals into monoatomic elements. These metals are divided into two groups:

  1. the light platinum group of ruthenium, rhodium, palladium, and silver
  2. the heavy platinum group of osmium, iridium, platinum, and gold

Through looking at these stories, I discover that it isn’t just the gold that is valuable. Each of these elements can, in a monoatomic, super-deformed, high spin, and low energy state, lose their chemical reactivity and metallic nature and become superconductors. This means they become lighter, so light they can float, and they can cause the device containing them to float.

Hudson believes that Moses knew the secrets of making ORMEs, and that the Ark of the Covenant was merely a container for them. Certainly, the Ark was a volatile, superconducting, electrical device. If it contained ORMEs, this would explain the incredible properties of the Ark from levitation to “blasts of heavenly displeasure.”

In addition, ORMEs may be consumed. Hudson connected ORMEs with the Hebrew tradition of the Ma-Na or Manna, often called the “White Powder of Gold.” The word “manna” literally means, “What is it?” This phrase did not originate with the Hebrews. It is repeated over and over again in The Egyptian Book of the Dead.

Furthermore, there is evidence ORMEs were part of the Melchizedek priesthood and they were the purpose of the metallurgical foundry at Qumrun, where the Essenes lived.

The more I learned about ORMEs, the more insights I had into familiar ancient texts and spiritual teachings.

For example, bread is used in many religious stories and sacraments. It is part of the Jewish Passover meal. It is included in Native American ceremonies. The breaking of bread is a way of finalizing agreements and celebrating life. In fact, in many traditions bread is rivaled only by wine for its spiritual significance.

In the Christian traditions, Jesus performed miracles with loaves of bread. He used bread as a representation of his body.

Is it possible there is a connection between this sacredness of bread and ORMEs? Is it possible this reveals a practical use for these precious elements that explains their perceived value?

I believe the answer to these questions is yes and I will explore this in tomorrow’s article.

Do you feel like you are missing pieces of information in this story? Maybe this will help…

I’m currently writing a series about my research into the value of gold. In addition, this series explains the signs I found along the way that led me on my research. If you want to catch up on all the articles, you may use this link to go to the first one and then, click the “next” link at the top of the page to read each successive article.

Signs From Within

Merlinda Pillsbury Arnold has contributed a few articles on this website. Her work puts her on the road quite a bit. She just returned from a successful month in the Northeastern United States sharing her trademarked SaRa Technique and her Lineage Ancestry work. According to her website, the SaRa Technique is an ancient Middle Eastern healing practice.

Merlinda has a special connection with the Egyptian city of Abydos and has visited there on several occasions. Her experiences would make a great book. I may write that book someday.

Through my conversations with her, I have come to respect her as an expert on the Middle East, especially ancient Egypt. She believes a special power resonates from there.

We recently had a conversation about her potential trip to that area when I heard myself say:

“If you can’t go to Egypt at this time, I suggest you find the place in the Southwestern United States that mirrors the Egyptian energy and practice using it here.”

I had no basis for that statement other than a connection James Redfield makes in his most recent novel The Twelfth Insight. Therefore, I was surprised when I heard those words come out of my mouth.

Spiritual SightI assumed it was a sign, so I made a mental note of it. I have often spoken things I had no conscious way of knowing only to later discover what I spoke was accurate.

When I heard the story of David Hudson’s rediscovery of monoatomic gold in Arizona, I wondered if his story was somehow related to what I had said.

Sir Laurence Gardner’s book provided another clue.

In addition to Hudson’s story, Gardner tells the story of archaeologist William Flinders Petrie’s exploration of Mount Horeb, the Biblical Mount Sinai. This mountain was the place on the Sinai Peninsula where Moses talked with God and received the Ten Commandments.

Petrie discovered the ruins of a temple on that mountain. The evidence indicates that large-scale smelting took place.

Gardner claims this temple was actually a workshop for alchemy. He says the word “worship” is actually a bastardized version of the word “workshop.” He makes a connection between the alchemical practices on the mountain and the Spiritual practices of the Egyptians. He provides compelling evidence that all of the Biblical mysticism surrounding the Ark and the related gold has an easy explanation, once we understand the significance of monoatomic gold.

He claims the smelting on Mount Horeb produced a white powder similar to, and possibly identical to, Hudson’s. The glow of the mountain recorded in the Bible came from this smelting process. He states that Moses, as an Egyptian prince, would have been familiar with these techniques, especially since he spent forty years in the area’s wilderness. In fact, it is possible that is why Moses was in the wilderness. He was learning this craft.

This is how Moses was able to take the golden calf created by his brother Aaron and turn it into powder so the Israelites could drink it. This is how Moses knew to build the Ark of the Covenant, a sacred device that may have been an electronic capacitor capable of producing enough power to convert gold into a monoatomic state.

This theory would certainly explain why those who carried the Ark had to be barefoot so they would be grounded. It also explains why fire from the Ark (or should I spell it a-r-c?) was the way “God killed” those who handled it without understanding the power it contained.

In addition, Hudson’s claim of anti-gravity properties would explain how 4-8 people could carry an Ark that weighed almost a ton and a half. Maybe they weren’t carrying it so much as they were holding it down so it didn’t float off into the heavens.

Yes, the white powder certainly appeared to provide a connection between Arizona and Egypt.

A few days after I put these pieces together, a reader emailed me a link to a story that made that connection even stronger. I’ll consider that in tomorrow’s article.

Golden Signs

I interrupt this column to update a story I wrote about last week…

Here are two updated lists of financial leader resignations and government resignations and investigations.

Financial Leader Resignations – now more than 80

Government Resignations and Investigations – two dozen of these

I’ll have more to say about this in a few days. Now, let’s get back to my regularly scheduled column.

Goldern SignsAs I said yesterday, David Hudson was a dirt farmer. That means he had to create dirt from the ground before he could farm it. His experience made him an expert on soil analysis. This is how he knew to pour sulfuric acid over the parcel of land that had crunchy black, high sodium soil.

This is how he came to rediscover what we now know is monoatomic gold. Although, at the time, Hudson had never seen anything like it.

This white powder behaved strangely under normal analysis. It was so strange that all of the university experts Hudson knew could identify nothing beyond iron, silicon, and aluminum. When they asked for more money to continue to research, Hudson took over the project for himself.

He found experts, outside of academia, who actually knew how to do something beyond writing research papers and receiving government grants. He called on European and Russian researchers who had extensive experience evaluating precious elements.

Sir Laurence Gardner tells the story in his book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold.

You may also find a detailed version of the story here.

I’ll summarize for you.

They discovered the powder was produced through an alchemical process. It was the result of converting a metal into powder.

This white powder had remarkable properties. It healed those who consumed it. Patients with cancer, HIV, ALS, MS, and MD all experienced remarkable cures. Tumors disappeared.

The white powder behaved as a superconductor. This means it had anti-gravity properties. When placed into a container, the container weighed less when holding the powder than when empty.

In addition, while studying and experimenting with the alchemical process, the researchers saw evidence of other precious elements in previously unheard of amounts. Palladium, platinum, osmium, ruthenium, iridium, and rhodium were all discovered in this process.

Those who did the research claimed it would change the way chemistry and physics are conducted.

They encouraged Hudson to patent his process.

His effort to do so brought attention from the Department of Defense. They swiped his technology, adapted his twenty years of research, and resisted Hudson’s efforts to proceed. The battle cost him twenty years and millions of dollars in research and legal fees.

It also cost him his health as the related stress contributed to a heart attack and subsequent triple bypass surgery.

It is a fascinating story.

If true, it would explain the value of gold. It would explain numerous Biblical passages. It would provide insight into an unlikely connection between Arizona and Sinai.

I’ll put those pieces together in tomorrow’s article.

Daily Signs

SignsReading the signs can sometimes be as easy as gathering information. I do this each day.

I’ve spent the past year trying to determine why we use debt for currency and don’t use gold or some other precious metal. I’ve looked at the history of The Fed and reviewed every theory I could find on the subject.

The answers startled me so I looked deeper, hoping to find contradictory information. I only found confirmation that our world uses a fiat currency so that The Illuminati can manipulate it to control our perceived idea of wealth.

In addition, I uncovered fascinating information about the world’s supply of gold.

I had assumed the value of gold was based on the scarcity of the shiny yellow stuff. Then, I learned there is much more gold in the world than we have been led to believe.

If this is the case, I wondered why gold is so valuable. I discovered a few health and practical use benefits. However, there wasn’t enough benefit to warrant the value so the puzzle remained.

Then, I picked up Sir Laurence Gardner’s book, Lost Secrets of the Sacred Ark: Amazing Revelations of the Incredible Power of Gold at the local library.

On the day I started reading it, I went to see a potential new client. Within two minutes of shaking hands, he was telling me about how a farmer in Arizona, named David Hudson, rediscovered monoatomic gold in the 1990s when he poured sulfuric acid on his soil to leech out the sodium content.

My new friend didn’t know all the details. However, he told me enough to pique my curiosity. I decided the topic was one I would research in the future. At the time, I didn’t realize that Gardner’s book tells Hudson’s story.

I found out a couple of days later.

Hudson was a remarkably successful dirt farmer. His success came from his knowledge of how to develop soil to produce crops. He spent time analyzing soil so he could determine what crops would grow best on what pieces of land.

One parcel of land had crunchy black, high sodium soil.

Hudson had a copper mine nearby that produced sulfuric acid as a waste product. He could have as much as he wanted without charge if he transported it. Therefore, he was able to pour 30-60 tons per acre of the acid over his land. This saturation changed the black alkali to white alkali so that the land became water soluble and, within two years, he was able to grow crops.

As he analyzed his soil during this process, he found a material that didn’t behave like anything currently known to science. It had remarkable properties.

It exploded in the Arizona sunlight but didn’t otherwise appear to produce any outward or inward force. It just flashed. In one experiment, Hudson sat a new pencil on its end beside the material. The flash consumed about thirty percent of the pencil without moving the pencil from its location.

I was fascinated by the story.

Even more so, I was fascinated by the daily signs that led me to the story and the information I gathered. I’ll share more of it tomorrow.