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The Connection between Libya and Sandy

False FlagA false flag event is something that is other than what it appears to be.

In some cases, the false flag event is carefully planned.

For example, the 9/11 attack in Libya was a carefully planned false flag.

Today, everyone is distracted by the fact that the U.S. government did not intervene when they had the opportunity. News headlines proclaim that officials had at least one drone over the area and may have even watched the firefight unfold.

Even with this knowledge, they did not act.

These arguments rage as a diversion from the obvious consideration that would resolve the argument.

The reason the United States didn’t intervene was because it was complicit in the situation.

Doug Hagmann says the attacks took place at one of the largest CIA operations centers in the Middle East. He claims this center was running guns and weapons from the U.S. to Syria through Libya.

He guesses that Iran, possibly with some help from Russia, was behind the attack and, if the United States had attempted a rescue operation, things would have gotten much worse.

Gordon Duff’s sources indicate the planning for the attack had American and American ally support.

By combining the two men’s stories, we see it is possible that the gunrunning operation in Libya had gotten out of control and needed to be “corrected.”

The fact that it could hurt ‘s Obama re-election efforts was further motivation for the action.

Even though some of the details remain sketchy, the evidence we do have indicates the attack in Libya was well-planned to be something other than what it appears to be.

In other cases, the false flag event is manipulated from something that already exists.

For example, the current Frankenstorm has the signs of a manipulated event.

Even if we believe the hurricane from the south, the storm from the west, the cold air from the north, and the blocking high pressure ridge in the east formed on their own, this storm’s behavior is outside natural explanation.

And, while I personally still struggle to accept the idea of weather manipulation, Sandy is quickly changing my mind.

She should have weakened as she moved over colder water.

Instead, weather forecasters were amazed at how the barometric pressure within the storm continued to drop and winds continued to increase.

The Gulf Stream flowing along the East Coast was a partial explanation for the strengthening. However, Sandy’s power surpassed all of the initial forecasts and continued to strengthen until she hit land.

The only explanation is that energy was added to the system from an outside source.

In the midst of my skepticism, I’m suspecting that the HAARP energies I wrote about yesterday were used to enhance this perfect storm.

While I’m not yet ready to say those energies created it, other people believe this.

Whether created or manipulated, this raises some interesting questions including:

  • What is this energy?
  • Who is directing it?
  • Why was it aimed at New York City?
  • Is there other evidence that Sandy is a false flag event?

I’ll attempt to answer those questions in tomorrow’s article.

Two Sources, One Message, Safety Advised

My Source wasn’t able to keep his scheduled appointment with me this week. However, he did provide a coded update via email.

Before I tell you about it, a little more background regarding My Source is appropriate.

He previously worked with the highest levels of state and federal government. Now, he lives in an undisclosed location in what he calls “cowboy land.”

He doesn’t follow any news sources regularly. His isolation is one reason. The other reason is that he gets his information directly from the connections he developed during his career. And, there is a third reason. He doesn’t trust the media to report the truth.

His coded message pointed me to the Constitution and the upcoming election. If I’m interpreting it correctly, and I believe I am, here is the message.

MilitaryWatch for President Obama to commit an obviously treasonous act, likely involving the military, probably on domestic soil. It will create a crisis so large that the election will be cancelled.

He said that if we watch closely, we’ll see many safety directives being put into place as preparation.

He closed his email with just two words.

Be safe.

He used those two words for the first time in his last email, the one where he told me what he heard from his friends in the Pentagon.

This week, he used them again.

He also told me he had taken extra steps to protect himself and stay out of the way. He advised me to do the same.

It doesn’t take much imagination to see why he would say this.

Look at the recent shooting outside the Empire State Building. The shooter killed a co-worker and walked away. Two police officers, alerted by construction workers on scaffolding, confronted the killer from a distance of eight feet and, when he pulled his gun, they both fired a total of sixteen rounds.

Those shots killed the original shooter and wounded nine others.

There is no conspiracy story here. It appears to be “just a murder.” However, the lack of outcry over how the police used their firearms demonstrates that we are becoming more comfortable with those in uniform targeting citizens.

It’s a chilling development.

So is this.

Another insider relayed a tale from the Department of Homeland Security that confirms My Source’s message.

Doug Hagmann, of the Canadian Free Press, reports that his DHS contact, Rosebud, says several potential false flag events are being planned. The purpose of these plans and their contingencies is to make sure Obama remains as President for four more years.

The cue for one to take place is when Obama falls behind too far in the polls.

Some plans allow him to win public opinion.

Others include the cancellation of the elections.

The last time Hagmann came out with information like this, GoDaddy, under orders from “someone,” gave him forty-eight hours to find other hosting. He moved to a Canadian server.

I would guess he is watching his back and his hosting a little closer this time.

I’m sure Hagmann knows that if the real-life James Bond can be offed, they can reach him too.

Be safe indeed.

The Next Civil War

Yesterday, I wrote about reports that say President Obama is aware of The Abundance Plan (TAP). These stories claim that Obama has signed Executive Orders that possibly violate the constitution. However, they also benefit TAP.

In addition, I said there is a furor escalating throughout internet and private discussion groups over TAP and especially over the President’s actions.

This furor comes from the fact that even though the President’s careful actions may be setting up a lawful stage for massive arrests of Illuminati bankers, it could also be creating a legal framework for something sinister: the implementation of martial law.

Civil WarDoug Hagmann, who claims to have connections with a government insider at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), believes the United States is on the verge of full scale civil war.

The story linked here references his insider with the codename “Rosebud.” Hagmann has known this insider since 1979. He says Rosebud started out as a patrol officer and is now working for a federal agency under the umbrella of the Department of Homeland Security.

Rosebud asserts that DHS is preparing for civil war in the United States. DHS believes this war will be caused by the complete collapse of the dollar as a result of massive inflation.

The source goes on to say that DHS is preparing to fight the American people. This includes requests for 450 million rounds of ammunition – that’s a bullet and a half for each United States citizen. Other sources say this includes the so-called FEMA camps that resemble Nazi prison camps.

In several discussion groups, I have noticed that many people are wondering whether TAP, as I have described it over the past few days, could be a covert way of initiating this civil war.

They believe people like me have been duped by so-called spokespersons with the messages of mass arrests and a peaceful transition to a new financial system.

They believe TAP is a trap that allows the Illuminati-controlled power structure to implement its plan to reduce the world’s population. They believe TAP is being used to reduce resistance to martial law by encouraging a part of the population to see arrests, instituted by United States Marshalls and the Pentagon, as a good thing.

They believe Obama is a willing accomplice to this action. Therefore, he will perpetuate the collapse of the United States dollar so that massive inflation can take place. This will result in rioting in the streets and martial law.

They believe this is the explanation for his signing of the Executive Orders that allow government forces to shoot American citizens participating in protests.

They believe TAP will only provide fuel for the military industrial complex and justify their illegal and horrific actions by creating a situation that causes riots.

They say they wish TAP would happen as described. However, they just can’t see it taking place. Therefore, TAP must be disinformation.

I have listened carefully to their arguments.

I see that the two scenarios of TAP and martial law look similar on the surface.

The TAP scenario includes mass arrests by United States Marshalls and the Pentagon, the zeroing of the dollar, and a temporary banking shutdown and takeover of the utilities systems. People who don’t understand may riot. An education system is in place to help them understand.

The Martial law scenario includes the collapse of the dollar resulting in a business and banking shutdown. People who don’t understand may riot. An execution system is in place to end the rioting.

I realize that, in each situation, the key to survival is being prepared to respond peacefully. Therefore, I continue to write.

Of course, there are things we can do to help our world choose TAP over martial law. I will look at some of those choices in tomorrow’s article.