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Manipulating Change

What does it mean when a large number of people, possibly a majority, believe an unsubstantiated report?

As I wrote yesterday, readers told me they cried when they read my article about the FEMA Region III Alert.

They thought, “This is it. This is how it begins.”

It resonated.

This morning, I continue to see people discussing the unconfirmed information. Within these discussions, I see no indication that anyone has bothered to look closer, find the sources, or vet the information.

I see two reasons for this.

The first reason is humanity feels that the Matrix intends to enact violence on the American people.

We have memories of Waco, Oklahoma City, and 9/11.

Viral MediaAnd, even though I have not found confirming documentation for the FEMA Region III Alert, someone, possibly a retired State Senator from South Dakota, created the email that has now gone viral in certain circles on the internet.

It is believable.

It resonates.

We know a significant and sudden change is on the horizon.

A severe military, chemical, biological, or weather attack on the Washington DC area would certainly institute that change.

Therefore, the FEMA alert article, even if it is fiction, is plausible.

The second reason this discussion continues is that a lie told often enough becomes the truth, especially if we see it in numerous media outlets.

As I wrote yesterday, even though Alternative Media (AM) may have originated as an alternative to the Matrix’s Mainstream Media (MSM), AM now appears to be a Matrix tool.

In this role, it reports things MSM won’t touch. To do so, it often details unproven rumor, gross innuendo, and outright lies with no sources whatsoever.

AM supporters are OK with this because they don’t trust MSM.

Therefore, AM has an audience.

And, since AM supporters don’t yet realize the Matrix’s role in this process, they believe they are revealing the Matrix’s secrets.

They aren’t.

MSM does the same thing AM does – with one exception.

It ties its rumors, innuendos, and lies to “reputable sources.”

I believe this is why we are suddenly seeing an outbreak of fringe stories being reported through MSM.

AM reports a story with no basis.

Then, a short time later, MSM confirms the story, quoting its reputable sources.

This intentional process influences a wider number of people.

It convinces us the story is true AND it convinces us AM and MSM can be trusted.

Within these two reasons, we see why the Senator Songstand email, confirmed or unconfirmed, has gone viral.

It confirms the change each of us internally senses with a message from the media.

In some ways, the overall response to this story is a measuring stick for the Matrix.

It allows them to gauge the gullibility of the general public.

This is very important for the Matrix because the signs indicate it will need a gullible public to pull off what is about to happen in Syria.

Vetting Sources

In her new video, Reverend Michelle Hopkins apologized for not vetting the information in her previous video.

Then, she went line by line through the information that supposedly came from South Dakota State Senator Songstad.

Her research found related material. However, little of it confirmed the email reprinted throughout Alternative Media (AM) that she had used in her video.

The small amount of the material that confirmed the October 1 deadline only did so because that’s when the government’s fiscal year begins.

FEMA logoIn other words, the FEMA Region III Alert that has gone viral on the internet has virtually no basis in fact.

As I processed this information, I saw a clearer picture of how three of the sources I have used over the two-year history of this website have a specific agenda and I gained insight into why the FEMA Alert story has come into our awareness.

1. Channel Messages/Prophecy/News Predictors

Channeled messages and prophecy claim to provide a glimpse of the future. These messages come from spiritual beings through lightworkers and other spiritual messengers.

Mainstream religions call these messengers prophets.

These communications, even if they come from otherworldly beings, are subject to Earthly interpretations. Therefore, they are often inaccurate when it comes to predicting future events.

One current lightworker recently denounced these messages in an article he calls “the most important piece I have written to date.”

Cameron Day says the light versus dark message is just another version of the good versus evil story that we find in mainstream religions.

The prophetic messages have their own agenda.

They keep us focused on duality.

For Earthly information, I use Mainstream Media (MSM) and Alternative Media (AM) as sources.

Each has its own issues.

2. Mainstream Media (MSM)

MSM generally has a single source with a single purpose: be a voice for the Matrix’s agenda.

With a few exceptions, MSM no longer researches stories. It reports information given by government, corporate, and media spokespersons. It attempts to find conflicts between these sources so its reports may have drama.

The recent Edward Snowden/government-spying story falls into this category.

Rather than being a well-researched investigative story, it is a conflict between government, corporate, and media spokespersons. The Matrix is using it to tell us we no longer have privacy.

I have previously speculated that the numerous fringe stories that have appeared in MSM subsequent to the government-spying story are the Matrix’s way of reinforcing this message.

3. Alternative Media (AM)

AM, which may have begun as an alternative to MSM, has become a voice of fear.

It tells us what MSM is not reporting in the most frightening manner possible.

It usually reports based on rumors, a phone call from a friend, or, as in the recent FEMA Region III Alert example, an unsubstantiated email.

The primary difference between MSM and AM is the quality of the sources. MSM reports use actual quotes and AM reports do not.

This lower standard of sourcing information allows AM to report stories before MSM.

Often, this reporting isn’t one hundred percent accurate with the details.

However, it is often accurate in general.

At one time, AM claimed to report the information MSM wouldn’t report.

Over the past several months, it appears the Matrix has infiltrated AM in an effort to reach a wider audience with its message.

Within this perspective of these three sources, we can find the peaceful response to the FEMA Region III Alert.

Few, if any, of the exact details of that story as reported by AM are accurate.

However, the fearful implications remain.

Protests, the standard operating procedure for revolution, are scheduled for the middle of September. They pivot upon the infamous date of September 11.

Society’s consciousness believes it is possible the American government will participate in violent actions against its people.

Some of my readers told me they cried when they read the story I wrote two days ago about the FEMA Region III Alert.

This doesn’t mean they believed a lie.

It means some part of this story resonated with them at a deep level.

To be continued -

FEMA Alert – NOT!

I had seen numerous posts about the FEMA Region III alert and I had ignored them.

Then, a reader, who is a former federal prosecutor, suggested I take a closer look at it.

He provided this link.

He told me to watch the video before I read the related channeling.

Questions flooded my mind as I watched the short video narrated by Reverend Michelle Hopkins.

  • Who is Sheldon R. Songstad?
  • Where did Reverend Hopkins get her information?
  • Who is Reverend Michelle Hopkins?

I reviewed the channeling. It followed the typical outline for a channeled message.

  • It told me I was loved.
  • It encouraged me not to give into negative energies.
  • It told me a change was coming.
  • It told me there was no need to be afraid.
  • It explained that December 21, 2012 was the beginning of Ascension and it took nine months for the Ascension to mature. Therefore, September 21, is a key date.
  • It discussed timelines and predictions with the usual vagueness associated with channeled messages.

By the time I had finished reading the message, I recognized why I have read fewer and fewer channeled messages recently.

They generally say the same thing.

Moreover, my direct communication with Source provides information that is more accurate for me.

After reading the channeling, I went back to the video.

Its source was an email, supposedly sent by retired South Dakota State Senator Sheldon R. Songstad.

I started by searching to see if he was a real person.

When I put his name into Google, scores of articles appeared – all of them with the exact same text Reverend Hopkins used for her video.

Suddenly, I was Looking Behind the Curtain at the clips Conan O’Brien put together about how local news stations from across the country report the same news story in the exact same way because they use the same source.

Apparently, Alternative Media has its own version of the Associated Press.

I eventually found South Dakota election data that contained Songstad’s name and verified he was a State Senator.

Satisfied that Songstad was a real person, I looked for his website, Facebook page, or other online source for his email that I outlined yesterday.

False AlarmI found nothing.

Then, one by one, I went through each of the fifty links on the first page of my Google search for Songstad.

None of the articles had a link to a single source for any of the reported deadlines that made October 1 significant.

The articles only sourced one another.

I considered what I had found.

There were multiple copies of the same article on numerous websites.

This article made statements about deadlines around the date of October 1.

No one had any supporting documentation for those deadlines.

The State Senator hadn’t spoken to confirm or deny himself as the source.

A Christian minister had used that article to produce a video.

Then, I found another video by Reverend Hopkins.

In this one, she apologized for the mistakes she made on her first video.

There were a lot of mistakes.